UdK Berlin Bookshop 2010

© Reiner Hausleitner

Each year UdK Berlin organizes a small competition among the students for the concept of a Bookshop inside the School. This year’s winning proposal for the shop was designed by Dalia Butvidaite, Leonard Steidle, Johannes Drechsler and the all participating students then helped manufacturing the structure.

as the main material was chosen because of its flexibility in shape, stability, cheapness, temporary feeling, lightness, mobility and last but not least its recyclability.

© Johannes Drechsler

Six hundred 2,60 per 1,30 meter cardboard sheets where cut, carved, folded and glued to form a massive block that was afterwards stretched and curved into its final shape, adaptable to any given space. That also means the shelve’s structure can be easily transported by simply compressing it to it’s massive form.

Cardboard sheets are very stable and the lowest shelf can be a long sitting bank for events, a display for magazines and assesoires, or just for putting your bag while choosing a book.

floor plan

The structure completely transformes the original rectangular room into a neutral but complex and unique spatial pattern as a background for the books.

In the back of the shelves remains a sufficiant storage space for the books.

© Reiner Hausleitner

The UdK Buchshop project startet in 2009 with the attempt to gather all publications of all university members, teachers as well as students, and to offer them for sale in a temporary bookshop that opens only for 3 days during the time of the annual open doors event. Because of this short duration of being put to use, a type of structure was required that could be easily sold for to other institutions. This way, the financing of the next year’s project was ensured.

The bookshop also serves as a site for puplic discussions, such as this years discussion with Olafur Elliasson and Gregor Schneider, both teaching at the university since 2009.

© Courtesy of the Students

Prof. Florian Riegler
Bookshop Organization: Florian Hennig, Eric Zapel
Assistants: Dipl.Ing. Jeanne-Françoise Fischer; AA Dipl. Karoline Markus
Project design ( concept ): Dalia Butvidaite, Leonard Steidle, Johannes Drechsler
Project realization: 4 Semester ( Faculty of Architecture at the University of Arts)

Manufacturing: Fabian Wolf, Tobias Benjamin Bosse, Dalia Butvidaite, Eva Susanne Roll, Doerte Boeschemeyer, Marie Poth, Leonard Steidle, Lisa Josephine Goethling, Johannes Drechsler, Karl Naraghi, Anja Schumacher, Paulo Felipe Bellani Mendes, Anne Bruschke, Irina Hoppe, Daniel Ripplinger, Anna Derriks, Georg Hana, Lena Wimmer, Paul Greschik, Johannes van Suntum, Dulcinea Gomes, Eric Goesswald, Anastasia Becker, Edem Akuete, Jacob Anthony Fisher, Katharina Wolf, Reto Assisi, Elena Eist, Hana Dudkiewicz, Denny Krienke, Hila Yitzhak, Dulcinea Gomes, Pola Buske, Simon Lindenberg, Alexej Tretyakov,Jenna Klupsch, Michal Sadowski

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  • Axe

    This has been done over and over and over. But creating a shop interior out of it makes it interesting.

    Think it would fit better for something else than books though, storagewise.