Make Your Own “Architecture For Dogs”

  • 15 Nov 2012
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If you thought “Architecture for Dogs,”  the project in which world-class architects design “sincere architectural structures” for dogs, couldn’t get any cuter, you were very, very wrong.

Today, the project’s interactive web site, designed by Yugo Nakamura, the web designer for Uniqlo, was launched. The site allows viewers to browse each of the architect’s designs and then download free blueprints to make them on their own. Plus, it features an adorable introductory video, complete with scampering puppies, which imparts the site’s mission: “bringing a new kind of joy to the relationship between dogs and humans.”

More info and Images on “Architecture for Dogs,” after the break…

Architecture for Boston Terriers, by Sou Fujimoto. Photos by Hiroshi Yoda, courtesy of Architecture for Dogs

Kenya Hara (the Creative Director of MUJI who wrangled architects as famous as Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA (Bichon Frise), Shigeru Ban (Papillon), Atelier Bow-Wow (Dachshund), Sou Fujimoto (Boston Terrier), and Kengo Kuma (Pug) to the task) doesn’t just envision the project as a fun site, but as “an innovative venture that blurs the lines between exhibition concept, commercial company, and crowd-sourced, interactive online project for the global community.”

Indeed “Architecture for Dogs,” a joint-venture between Hara and the business incubator Imprint Venture Lab, will also incorporate a retail component (starting spring 2013); be displayed as a cultural exhibition (at Design Miami on December 5 and at Tokyo’s Toto Gallery in October 2013); and even be published by Lars Müller Publishers as a book (October 2013).

You can find more images of “Architecture for Dogs,” at our original post - here.

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    Is it true that the dogs lifted their legs and leaked all over the Daniel Libeskind design?