Prada Transformer, Position 2: Cinema

© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

’ latest project -The Transformer- is not just a building, but also a statement on today´s state of architecture. Dubbed the anti-blob, this “object” rejects all common blobby shapes we have seen lately. Simple geometrical shapes (a circle, a cross, a rectangle and an hexagon) enclose a space that depending on its rotation results on different spaces suitable for fashion exhibitions, cinema, art exhibitions and other special events. Each face is the platform on which these activities take place, while also being served by the other faces enclosing the space.

A few weeks ago, we presented the Transformer at Position 1 (Fashion Exhibition) with photos by Iwan Baan . Now, he sent us his photo set for the Transformer at Position 2: Cinema.

From June 26th to July 5th, the Transformer used a center piece on one of the faces to project “Flesh, Mind and Soul”, a film festival co-curated by Alejandro González Iñárritu (director Babel, 21 Grams). Please note that the interiors are now almost all black.

As of now, the Transformer is going through some changes to debut on its new position on Jul 30th to host “Beyond Control”, an exhibition by the Prada Foundation.

More photos by Iwan Baan after the break and the complete photo set on Iwan’s website:

Cite: Basulto, David. "Prada Transformer, Position 2: Cinema" 14 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • 16:08:78

    The concept is great, although the name seems “a little cheesy”, it’s so obvious it’s a marketing strategy; given the case that a movie with that same name was rolling at the same time this “object” was on exhibition.

    What I really find interesting is the engagement on the “anti-blob” statement. It seems OMA is articulating the symptoms of an inevitable era to come. Architecture is at war!!!

    • davvid

      16:08:78, great comment

      Maybe architecture needs a civil war. If Rem is leading one side–who is leading the other?

  • Cristian Alvarado

    To much concept, no to much functionality, I have enormous respect for Mr Rem, but i think this time his name is was must important over the idea to make a good space.

  • Luis

    mecanical architecture….cool

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Well, you have to hand it to Prada, this dumb publicity stunt just keeps on working. It does boggle the imagination to call it anti-blob architecture (or architecture at all for that matter). This ridiculous toy always makes me think of schoolgirls little bag filled with Jax.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

  • StructureHub Blog

    Meh. In designing the “anti-blob,” Koolhas has given me more reason than ever to prefer the blobs he so detests. To be an “anti-” something does not obligate a structure to be an ugly version of what it is.

  • William Bell

    Yeah!!! Come strong haters…

  • Drunkmuse

    It’s akin to taking a building and going through the gymnastics of flipping it on it’s side just cause you need to be creative about programmatic elements. “Oh look dear, our kitchen floor is now the headboard in the beadroom” Well……It is just that. Bluntly non-creative. A transformative peice needn’t be so literal. Well…I bet Rem will try to pass this one of as a “tongue-in cheek” peice. It’s the Andy Kaufmann’s take on architecture. Yea Right!

    • davvid

      or is it Charlie Kaufman’s take on architecture?

    • Troy Lemieur

      Why can’t things be so literal?
      …We can banter and confer and explain and contemplate for ages, but hardly anything will be concluded. Thus is the way of architecture.

  • Steven

    Some of you critics seem to take this too seriously. Architecture is not the be all end all. It’s important, but it is also fun and commercial and defensive and practical and impractical and lively and provocative and banal and so much more and less. None of it is permanent. They’re just buildings.

  • ale gaddor

    please, anyone out there
    please,, stop this journalist (koolhaas) who’s trying to do anything to get our attention,,,and the more press possible
    please,,, someone tell him

  • Sonic

    …so polemic…..

  • rodrigo tello

    ale gaddor

    he also studied architecture as you and me

  • Klaus
  • billel

    need plans and dimensions of kaufmann house