Infographic: Iconic Olympic Buildings

The London 2012 start today, and once again architecture is on the spotlight. With a big focus on reusable and adaptable structures, the lineup includes renowned architecture firms such as Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Hopkins Architects, Populous and Zaha Hadid Architects.

On this we introduce you the iconic buildings of the Olympics since 776 B.C. until today! Follow our London 2012 Olympics coverage in its dedicated page. Embed this Infographic, just copy/paste this code:

Cite: Jett, Megan. "Infographic: Iconic Olympic Buildings" 27 Jul 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    Zaha’s aquatic center does NOT cost 6 billion. That is the total price tag of the games, not one building. It was considerably over budget but total price was 250-260 million pounds.

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    The total cost of the games is 11.6 billions Euros, 7.8 of them were used for transports.

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      love women architects, have loved them and always will. i also love context…

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    What I like, is the outside presentation of Zaha Hadid Aquatic Center still be with render image, and not with the constructed result… I would like to know what happen for the project change so much.

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    haha, I love that only Zaha’s building took 2 diagrams to get the idea across. . .some really nice interior moments though

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    A lovely interplay of strange ideas all coming up to be such efficient sustainable art pieces of Architecture.I am impressed.

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    Mexico’s 1968 olympic stadium is missing badly, one of the most iconc, intelligent, landscape related, stadium on earth…

    And ANZ stadium… well, is that really important?

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