Architecture City Guide: Amsterdam

This week, with the help of our readers, our Architecture City Guide is headed to Amsterdam. With its numerous canals, Renaissance architecture, and bike friendly culture, it is hard not to fall in love with Amsterdam. Also, if you love modern or contemporary architecture one could hardly argue against making this city the first stop on a tour of Europe. Our list of 24 buildings hardly does justice to this amazing city, but it will certainly give those less familiar with the city a starting point. We will be adding to our list in the near future, as we didn’t come close to incorporating all our readers’ suggestions. In the meantime add more of your favorites to the comment section below.

The Architecture City Guide: Amsterdam list and corresponding map after the break.

  • ARCAM / René Van Zuuk Architekten
  • Het Oosten, Pavilion / Steven Holl
  • Kop Van Diemenstraat / TEKTON Architekten
  • Silodam / MVRDV
  • Movenpick Hotel / Claus En Kaan Architecten
  • Music Building on The IJ / 3XN
  • IJ Tower / Neutelings Riedijk Architects
  • The Whale / de Architekten Cie
  • Hoogtij / Diener & Diener
  • Conservatorium Amsterdam / de Architekten Cie
  • The Rock / Erick van Egeraat
  • NEMO Science Center / Renzo Piano
  • Public Library / Jo Coenen
  • Beurs van Berlage / Hendrik Petrus Berlage
  • ING House / with Ontwerpgroep Trude Hooykaas
  • Qubic / hvdn architecten
  • Ernst & Young Tower / Foster & Partners
  • Van Gogh Museum Exposition Wing / Kisho Kurokawa
  • Bicycle Flat / VMX Architects
  • Piraeus / Hans Kollhoff with RAPP + RAPP
  • Borneo Sporenburg Masterplan /
  • Elicium RAI / Benthem Crouwel Architekten
  • WoZoCo / MVRDV
  • OZW / Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

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Pedro Kok
Bart van Damme [busy]
Generaal Gibson
Erwyn van der Meer
ken mccown

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    You guys mixed up the titles for the pictures of the Arcam and Het Oosten. Pretty good guide otherwise, though. Also check out if you want to see more.

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    Nice selection. It’s missing some very intersting city’s parts, though. Particulary in the north. Here are some exemples

    Noord 1 (facing the MVRDV Silodam) with the Kraanspoor building as a landmark on one hand (but hardly open for visitors) and the NDSM Werf area on the other one. Especially the NDSM Scheepsbouwloods, a wharehouse filled with multy platforms containers like spaces in wich you can find from tatoo shop to designers or architects offices. It also includes a skatepark

    Still north of the Ij river there is the Ijplein district (if i don’t get it wrong) The masterplan is an erly design from oma as the very long housing building ending the triangular area.

    Both area can be reached with the free boats behind the central station. And as for every parts of this city : take a bike !

    Sou can also anticipate the new film museum by Delugan and Meissl. Construction should be almost finished by now.

    Look also for
    Funen Park, housing neighborhood, east of Amsterdam Centraal.
    MVRDV’s Studio Thonik, on the amstel river.
    The Westerpark ancien Gaz factory, try to visit the silo.
    Kalenderpanden en Lage Loodsen, converted old wharehouse next to the zoo.

    To end this (too) long reply. Don’t forget to mention that the Beurs van Berlage is hard to visit. You can go in the café but the main room is now a concert hall and closed to visitors most of the time.

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    I know they are Rotterdam based…but it is still kind of surprising to realize that Koolhaas/OMA have no major works in Amsterdam.

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