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Andres Gallardo’s Study of Urban Geometries in Paris Captures the Complexities of Form, Shadow, and Angle

Andres Gallardo, the self-taught Spanish photographer, recently traveled to Paris to capture the city’s urban architecture, documenting the spirit of the buildings, the city’s rich architectural history, and international design influence.

Gallardo describes the city as “magical,” which he chooses to document in both monochrome and color photographs, incorporating overall perspectives and small structural details that often obscure the structures’ overall identity.

© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo+ 14

Color, Form, and Material: Andres Gallardo Spotlights Berlin's Post-War Modernist Charm

In the next chapter of his ongoing Urban Geometry project, self-taught Spanish photographer Andres Gallardo captures the elements of color, form, and materiality of post-war architecture in Berlin. This photo series, with installments featuring the modern marvels of Beijing, Seoul, Copenhagen, and Tallinn, among other cities, has become representative of Gallardo's personal growth from his humble start in his career as a professional photographer.

© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo+ 21

Andres Gallardo Captures Copenhagen's Surreal and Colorful Geometric Forms

© Andres Gallardo
© Andres Gallardo

Andres Gallardo's ongoing Urban Geometry series captures unique forms, colors, and shadows of modern architecture of various cities. The project is a personal one for Gallardo, as it has been a long-term photo series that has accompanied him throughout his journey in becoming a professional photographer, displaying his development and evolution as he captures the architectural beauty of cities such as Beijing, Helsinki, Seoul, and Copenhagen.

Below is the Copenhagen chapter of the series, a visual poem that allows us to see the city in new ways. Through flowing line and bright bursts of color, Gallardo displays an almost surreal version of the city, where the jagged forms and smooth curves of its modern architecture have replaced human presence.

© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo© Andres Gallardo+ 14