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University Of Tokyo: The Latest Architecture and News

Students use Complex Computer Analysis to Generate Seemingly Impossible Plastic Pavilion

Testing the limits of structural viability and computer-based modeling, the 2017 Komorebi Pavilion used thin sheets of polyethylene terephthalate (PETG) in a unique way to develop an ethereal, self-supporting enclosure. The pavilion is the result of a collaboration between architecture students at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and engineering researchers at the University of Tokyo.

Over 30 Architectural Projects Represented In One 3D Object

Courtesy of Fumio Matsumoto
Courtesy of Fumio Matsumoto

Architect and Project Professor at The University of Tokyo, Fumio Matsumoto put together more than 30 iconic buildings into a single 3D printed object called, “Memories of Architecture.” Façades, exterior forms, interior spaces, and structures of significant architectural works were reproduced at 1:300 scale and merged together in order from old to new.

Courtesy of Fumio MatsumotoCourtesy of Fumio MatsumotoCourtesy of Fumio MatsumotoCourtesy of Fumio Matsumoto+ 25