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Sukkahville Design Competition: The Latest Architecture and News

NJIT Graduates Create A Biodegradable Pavilion For Sukkahville 2014

In the annual Sukkahville design competition in Toronto, entrants are challenged to reimagine the sukkah, a structure that the competition organizers describe as a "symbolic wilderness shelter, symbolizing the frailty and transience of life," traditionally built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot to commemorate the 40 years that the Jews spent wandering the desert. For the 2014 competition, New Jersey-based graduates Michael Signorile and Edward Perez created "Reflect.Reveal.Rebirth," a structure that responds to this challenge to create a transient space for contemplation by utilizing a biodegradable skin.

Courtesy of Michael Signorile and Edward PerezThe Sukkah after a rain shower. Image Courtesy of Michael Signorile and Edward PerezCourtesy of Michael Signorile and Edward PerezClose-up of the foam panels. Image Courtesy of Michael Signorile and Edward Perez+ 20

Registration Now Open for the 2014 Sukkahville Design Competition

Registration is now open for the fourth annual Sukkahville Design Competition. The open competition challenges entrants to re-imagine the traditional Sukkah. All finalists will be invited to construct their designs on the Nathan Philips Square in front of Toronto’s City Hall for the week-long holiday of Sukkot.

Find out how to enter and continue after the break to view the winners of 2013...