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NextOffice's Artist Forum to be a Cultural Hub for Sadra, Iran

Courtesy of NextOffice Courtesy of NextOffice Brick Model Study. Image Courtesy of NextOffice Model. Image Courtesy of NextOffice + 15

NextOffice’s Sadra Artists Forum is a public cultural center to be located in the arid suburban town of Sadra. Consisting entirely of low-lying or subterranean building levels, the project's unique structure contrasts the surrounding urban area and uniquely shapes the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

A Town within a Town for Sadra's Civic Center

The recently-formed town of Sadra, Iran, is gradually evolving into a mega-city as a result of its geographical location and architectural potential. To improve the cultural standards of the town, several cultural centers were constructed, transforming the area into a major hub for people of all ages.

Keeping in mind that a newly-built town requires an adaptable space for potential expansions, NextOffice - Alireza Taghaboni architecture studio created the “Sadra Civic Center”, a town within a town built from its surrounding urban elements.

© NextOffice - Alireza Taghaboni © NextOffice - Alireza Taghaboni © NextOffice - Alireza Taghaboni © NextOffice - Alireza Taghaboni + 23

Villa No. 02 / ShaarOffice (Ahmad Ghodsimanesh and Partners)

© Parham Taghioff © Parham Taghioff © Parham Taghioff © Parham Taghioff + 29

Sadra, Iran
  • Architects: ShaarOffice
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  170.0
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2016