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Dorte Mandrup Wins Competition to Design Cultural Building in Norway

The Danish architecture firm Dorte Mandrup A/S won the international competition to design “The Whale”, a new touristic attraction for northern Norway, that will tell the stories of the majestic sea creature through art, science, and architecture.

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Reiulf Ramstad's Exhibition at the Utzon Center Investigates the Local-Global Architect

Reiulf Ramstad Architects will inaugurate a new exhibition series “In the World of an Architect” at The Utzon Center, focusing on “architecture and design created in the tension field between local and global.” The exhibition will consist of a number of spatial installations spread across five rooms, setting out the concept of “Nordic” and appreciating the importance of the architects’ standpoint.

Rather than cancel the importance of a regionally-based building tradition in a globalized profession, the exhibition invites a more diverse, nuanced understanding of what it means to be a Nordic architect in a globalized era.

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