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Seeing Red: 4 Times the Color Has Enhanced Architecture and Why

06:00 - 11 June, 2018
© Helene Binet
© Helene Binet

Red is everywhere. From stop signs to bricks and lipstick to wine, our constant use of the color in everyday objects has slowly taken over our subconscious. Red is a color that always blends with the context, telling us how to feel or what to think, but why are we attracted to it? Why did cavemen choose ochre-based paint to draw on their walls? Why do revolutions always seem to use red to stir support? Why do we parade celebrities down red carpets, when green or blue would surely do the same job? While the answers to these questions may be vague and indefinite, red’s use in architecture is almost always meticulously calculated.

Courtesy of West 8 © Helene Binet licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 2.0</a>. Image © nenamaz © Filip Dujardin + 11

Instant Red / Wutopia Lab

19:00 - 29 June, 2016
Instant Red / Wutopia Lab, © Shao Feng
© Shao Feng

© Shao Feng © Shao Feng © Shao Feng © Shao Feng + 15

  • Architects

  • Location

    Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Category

  • Architects in Charge

    Ting Yu
  • Design Team

    He Huang
  • Area

    100.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Red Line Bus Rapid Transit Station Design Competition

10:15 - 4 June, 2016
Red Line Bus Rapid Transit Station Design Competition

IndyGo is currently in the process of designing the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. As part of the overall system design, IndyGo is facilitating a design ideas competition to foster creative design solutions for 28 rapid transit stations along Phase 1 of the Red Line BRT route with possible replication of these stations along the two future phases.

A Dozen Red Details Worth Swooning Over

01:00 - 14 February, 2014
A Dozen Red Details Worth Swooning Over, Theatre Agora / UNStudio © Iwan Baan
Theatre Agora / UNStudio © Iwan Baan

Rather than a bouquet of roses, we wanted to express our love with a dozen seductive images of architecture dressed in red. Because nothing steals an architect’s heart like a well designed, beautifully detailed structure.

Our 12 most loved projects in red, after the break...

House in Normandy / Beckmann-N’thepe Architectes RATP Bus Center in Thiais / ECDM Red Wall / 3Gatti Architecture Studio © Shen Qiang & Daniele Mattioli GASP! Stage 2 / Room11 © Ben Hosking + 20