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Haszkovó Housing Estate Re-imagined as Vibrant Urban Installations

The Haszkovó housing estate in the city of Veszprém, Hungary has been seen as a failed urban development: "grey, sad, and soulless". However, this cold structure managed to shelter 20,000 inhabitants within its walls, standing as a "real city" within the area.

On the occasion of Veszprém Design Week, a collaborative project by five renowned architects and architecture studios: Edward Crooks, Point Supreme, Supervoid, MAIO, and Paradigma Ariadné, invited the visitors to change the perception and current state of Haszkovó, by creating five vibrant, portable, and durable urban artifacts.

© Balázs Danyi © Balázs Danyi © Balázs Danyi © Balázs Danyi + 57

“Re-Constructivist Architecture” Exhibition Explores the Lost Art of Architectural Language

Re-Constructivist Architecture,” an exhibition now on show at the Ierimonti Gallery in New York, features the work of thirteen emerging architecture firms alongside the work of Coop Himmelb(l)au, Peter Eisenman and Bernard Tschumi. The title of the exhibition is a play on words, referring to the De-Constructivist exhibition of 1988 at the Museum of Modern Art that destabilized a certain kind of relationship with design theory.

This reconstruction is primarily of language. The architects draw from archives—mental, digital or printed on paper—distant from the typical parametric and highly schematic rationales that characterized the last thirty years of design in architecture. Within the theoretical system that drives architectural composition, these archives inevitably become homages, references, and quotes.

© AM3 © Adam Nathaniel Furman © Point Supreme © Warehouse of Architecture and Research + 46

Proscenium Trondheim / Point Supreme Architects + Gerousis + Hughes

Last year, we shared the results of Europan 10 with you - a biennial competition asking architects for innovative housing solutions for European sites. For 2011, the competition’s objective is to promote awareness about the environment and how we occupy the natural world. We’ve been covering the 2011 proposals, such as Europan Norway 2011, and today, we share an update on the progress of the Europan Norway 2010 winning scheme. After winning the Europan for Trondheim Norway, Point Supreme Architects, Alexandros Gerousis and Beth Hughes, have recently completed the second phase of the concept design and are preparing for the project to be realized. Recently, the project was identified as a pilot project for the Norwegian government’s ‘Cities of the Future’ program – currently one of only 6 in Norway and the second in Trondheim. The project will serve as an example of environmentally sustainable design strategies combined with innovative architecture – reflecting the ambitions and principles of Svartlamoen which has also been regulated as an eco-urban testing ground.

More about the winning project after the break.

Hortus Conclusus / Point Supreme Architects

Main Entry © Point Supreme Architects.
Main Entry © Point Supreme Architects.

Athens based Point Supreme Architects were recently awarded an honorary mention for their Theater Square proposal. The competition asked participants to rethink the idea of an urban square, as the site is surrounded by buildings which makes the small space seemingly negligible in the broad sense of the context. For their proposal, the architects dedicated the square to the magic of nature by making an urban room realized as a ‘secret garden’.

More about the proposal after the break.

Half Real / Point Supreme Architects

© Yannis Drakoulidis +  Point Supreme Architects
© Yannis Drakoulidis + Point Supreme Architects

If you quickly glance at this first image of Point Supreme Architects’ newest installation, you may being wondering what that blue volume is or even wondering what could happen in that small space. But, if you’re wondering what it is made of, well, that question yields the most interesting answer. The architects teamed with two visual artists, a musician and a performance artist/choreographer to design this installation and performance piece made 100% from blue foam insulation panels!

More information about this installation and more images of the amazing foam work after the break.

Architecture Foundation Cordoba / Point Supreme Architects

Greek architects Point Supreme shared their urban plan + architecture foundation building competition proposal for Cordoba, Spain with us. The proposal seeks to connect the San Pablo block with the more central part of the city by capitalizing on the site’s diversity of entry points. The building, an architecture institution, is designed to frame the void that resides next to and under the structure.

More about the proposal after the break.