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The Highlights of Concéntrico 07: Sustainability, Spatial Experiences and New Readings of Public Spaces

The 7th edition of the International Architecture and Design Festival Concéntrico proposed new readings of public space through a series of temporary installations that re-imagined various places throughout the Spanish city of Logroño. Emerging architecture practices and artists from around the world shared their perspectives on the public realm and the spaces of social interaction by exploring various themes and experimenting with new ways of understanding urban spaces.

Types of Spaces by Palma + HANGHAR. Image © Javier AntonConcéntrico Pavilion by sauermartins  and Mauricio Méndez. Image © Javier AntonSt. Bartholomew hut by Paradigma Ariadné. Image © Javier AntonCircum by P + S Estudio de Arquitectura. Image © Javier Anton+ 67

Young Practices and Artists Reflect on the Urban Environment at Concéntrico 07

The International Architecture and Design Festival Concéntrico, now at its 7th edition, prompts an exploration of the urban environment through temporary installations inhabiting the public spaces of the city of Logroño, Spain. From September 2nd to 5th, the festival brings together an array of emerging architects and artists from all over the world to share their perspectives on urban spaces and communities.

Concéntrico Pavilion by Cássio Sauer, Elisa T. Martins [sauermartins] + Mauricio Méndez. Image Courtesy of ConcéntricoSupport your local landscape by Vivian Rotie – Pablo Saiz del Río. Image Courtesy of Concéntrico1973 – 2021 by Lanza Atelier. Image Courtesy of ConcéntricoNo Words Conversation by Radu Abraham. Image Courtesy of Concéntrico+ 6

7 Emerging Architecture Practices Worth Exploring

New Generations is a European platform that analyses the most innovative emerging practices at the European level, providing a new space for the exchange of knowledge and confrontation, theory, and production. Since 2013, New Generations has involved more than 300 practices in a diverse program of cultural activities, such as festivals, exhibitions, open calls, video-interviews, workshops, and experimental formats.

New Generations has launched a fresh new media platform, offering a unique space where emerging architects can meet, exchange ideas, get inspired, and collaborate. Recent projects, job opportunities, insights, news, and profiles will be published every day. The section ‘profiles’ provides a space to those who would like to join the network of emerging practices, and present themselves to the wide community of studios involved in the cultural agenda developed by New Generations.

ArchDaily and New Generations join forces! From this month, ArchDaily publishes a selection of studio profiles chosen from the platform of New Generations.

Haszkovó Housing Estate Re-imagined as Vibrant Urban Installations

The Haszkovó housing estate in the city of Veszprém, Hungary has been seen as a failed urban development: "grey, sad, and soulless". However, this cold structure managed to shelter 20,000 inhabitants within its walls, standing as a "real city" within the area.

On the occasion of Veszprém Design Week, a collaborative project by five renowned architects and architecture studios: Edward Crooks, Point Supreme, Supervoid, MAIO, and Paradigma Ariadné, invited the visitors to change the perception and current state of Haszkovó, by creating five vibrant, portable, and durable urban artifacts.

© Balázs Danyi© Balázs Danyi© Balázs Danyi© Balázs Danyi+ 57

Paradigma Ariadné Designs Masterplan for Budapest South Gate Competition

Paradigma Ariadné received an honorable mention in the Budapest South Gate Competition for their masterplan project in Hungary. Working with urban planners Spacefor Architect, as well as landscape and traffic designers Lépték Terv and Krisztina Mihálffy, the team's proposal was designed as a new neighborhood in Budapest for university students along the Danube river.

Budapest South Gate Masterplan. Image Courtesy of Paradigma AriadnéBudapest South Gate Masterplan. Image Courtesy of Paradigma AriadnéBudapest South Gate Masterplan. Image Courtesy of Paradigma AriadnéBudapest South Gate Masterplan. Image Courtesy of Paradigma Ariadné+ 10

Paradigma Ariadne's Design for House With a Hundred Rooms Stretches into Visual Infinity

Renders by Whitebox Visual. Image Courtesy of Paradigma Ariadné
Renders by Whitebox Visual. Image Courtesy of Paradigma Ariadné

Hungarian architects Paradigma Ariadné push the concepts of progression and growth to a literal spatial extreme in their proposal for a new sport complex for the MTK Football Academy. Drawing inspiration from the diagram of traditional European peasant houses, the design stretches into a kind of visual infinity, stacking all the rooms in the building along a single horizontal axis.

Courtesy of Paradigma AriadnéCourtesy of Paradigma AriadnéRenders by Whitebox Visual. Image Courtesy of Paradigma Ariadné Renders by Whitebox Visual. Image Courtesy of Paradigma Ariadné+ 11