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Summer School: The City and the Water

Students will be guided by the architect Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas urbanas, Seville), scientific director of the Summer School, and will work in close collaboration with the artists and artisans of the "2 Luoghi". The director of the Summer School is prof. Roberto Pierini, president of the Master Degree Course in Architectural Engineering at the University of Pisa. Among the guest lecturers, the artists Paolo Ulian and Andrea Salvetti, and the architect Alessandra Capanna, professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Università La Sapienza in Rome.

Miniature Spaces Carved From Stone

Matthew Simmonds, an art historian and architectural stone carver based in Italy, has created a collection of exceptionally beautiful miniature spaces carved from stone. Having worked on a number of restoration projects in the UK - from Westminster Abbey to Ely Cathedral - his skills have been transferred into work of a much smaller, if not more intricate, scale. Hewn from large stone blocks (some of marble), the level of intricacy Simmonds has achieved in the architectural detailing is almost incredible. Capitals, vaults and surfaces all distort and reflect light in a very beguiling way.

Fragment. Image © Matthew Simmonds Gothic Passage. Image © Matthew Simmonds Gothic Stone. Image © Matthew Simmonds Stone Study. Image © Matthew Simmonds + 12