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15 Projects in Mexico that Merge the Interior with the Exterior

Casa CSF / López Duplan Arquitectos. Image © Héctor Armando Herrera Casa Estudio Hill / CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica. Image © Onnis Luque L House / Dellekamp Arquitectos. Image © Sandra Pereznieto Casa Bruma / Fernanda Canales. Image © Rafael Gamo + 20

One of the most important factors to consider when designing is the climate of the site. This can create difficulties when it comes to extreme climates and it is necessary to use insulation materials that adapt to changing conditions. However, when discussing Mexico and its specific climate, this can be an opportunity for architects to create microclimates and spaces that blur the transition of interiors and exteriors.

Patios have become a traditional element of design. They create interesting psychological effects that fuse the conception of the interior and exterior, the common and private. It is a way to bring sunlight and rain into the house, to open up paths and coexistences that do not occur in interiors. Below, a selection of projects in Mexico that use the patio as the main design resource.