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Latin American Architects Who Designed Their Own Houses

Is it possible for a structure to reflect the thoughts of an architect? In the area of architecture, it's a well-known fact that the design process is largely shaped by the client, their culture, their requirements, and their budget, with little attention given to the personal tastes of the architects themselves.  

World's First 3D Printed Community Minimises Homelessness in Mexico

The world’s first 3D printed community is currently underway in a remote area in Mexico. The printer has been created as a solution to minimise homelessness and provide safe and adequate shelter for individuals.

Sordo Madaleno Architects Designs New Hotel for Mexico's Sea of Cortez

The large biological reserves located in La Paz, Baja California Sur in northern Mexico have made this destination one of the most significant for ecotourism and its proximity to the United States has accelerated its development in recent years.

First Smart Forest City in Mexico Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti

Commisionned by Grupo Karim's, and designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the first Smart Forest City in Mexico will focus on innovation and environmental quality. The city balances green and built spaces, and is completely food and energy self-sufficient.

Mendes da Rocha and Al Borde among Winners of the XI Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (XI BIAU)

In Asunción (Paraguay), the XI Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (XI BIAU) have presented the winners of the Panorama de Obras section (Projects Panorama) of this contest edition, "all faithful to the spirit of the XI BIAU: living, the inhabitant," according to the organization.

7 Examples Where Physical Activities Were the Catalyst Behind A Neighborhood Regeneration

People often gather around sports activities, whether they are the ones exercising or the ones cheering. This internationally recognized social interest brings everyone together seamlessly, regardless of their background, gender, culture, ethnicity and so on.

Winners Announced for a School Made from Recycled Plastic in Mexico

Archstorming, an architectural platform that organizes international competitions, has released the results for the Tulum Plastic School contest. In fact, participants were challenged to design a school made of recycled plastic, tackling the current issue of pollution in Mexico.

Pink Seesaws Installed along US-Mexico Border

Two design professors have designed and built a set of fluorescent pink seesaws along the US-Mexico border, seeking to evoke a concept of unity and play between the two sides. As reported by The Guardian, the set was installed along the steel border fence on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Tatiana Bilbao Speaks About Building and Living Responsibly

Award-winning architect Tatiana Bilbao spoke in an interview released by Louisiana Channel about her frustrations with today’s concept of sustainability in architecture. Living in Mexico, which Bilbao describes as a “country with no resources,” she states that people are accustomed to not wasting resources and that “sustainability” is a natural part of daily life. “I hate the word ‘sustainability’ because I think it has become a word that can qualify a type of architecture, and for me it should be embedded.”

FGP Atelier + Taller ADG Design "Devil Tail" Baseball Stadium in Mexico City

Chicago-based FGP Atelier and Taller ADG have completed the new Diablos Rojos Baseball Stadium in Mexico City. The monumental project was made to be the country's premier baseball stadium. Working with team owner Alfredo Harp Helú, the project's roof takes the form of a devil’s tail to reference the home team’s devilish name.

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