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The PILARES Program Seeks to Bring Beautiful Design to Mexico City’s Neglected Neighborhoods

Most visitors to Mexico City spend their time exploring tranquil, idyllic neighborhoods like Roma and Condesa, filled with quaint buildings, bustling pedestrian promenades, and cosmopolitan attractions. But life in the Mexican capital finds most of the population on the disadvantaged side of a vertiginous inequality, defined by meager wages, the looming threat of violence, and a glaring lack of public infrastructure. The government’s attempts to address the latter have often stumbled; it is common practice for projects that require architectural expertise to be assigned to building contractors, who produce layouts lacking in any design sensibility. This even though Mexico City now boasts one of the world’s most fertile design scenes and has a strong legacy of renowned architects working in tandem with the government to produce exceptional public works—from the urban housing projects of Mario Pani to the monumental buildings of Pedro Ramírez Vázquez.

The 2022 Most Populated Cities in the World

Half of the world’s population now lives in cities, according to UN-Habitat’s latest reports. While this number is set to increase to two-thirds by 2050, urban challenges are growing exponentially, making it more crucial than ever, to transform our cities. Annually, the world population review assesses the growth of cities and the number of residents living in metropolitan areas, to understand global evolution trends. In 2022, the list of the top 20 most populated countries remained similar to the 2021 edition, with a slight change in numbers and positions. Tokyo kept its status as the world’s largest city, with 37 million inhabitants, while Delhi and Shanghai, followed in second and third positions.

Interior Design: 34 Kitchens in Mexico Exploring Different Spatial Layouts

Over the years, interior design has evolved according to the needs that arise, but above all, according to the experiences it seeks to evoke in the user. Over the last two years, we have witnessed a radical change and a special interest in this subject because the pandemic forced us to pay specific attention to the configuration of the places we inhabit. This brought about much more holistic designs that seek to address the wellbeing of the user, combining colours, sensory experiences, technology and natural elements that promote health.

5 Designers Explore the Possibilities of Biomaterials in Mexico

As part of the 14-day design festival that took place in Mexico City, SPACE10 presented the exhibition "Deconstructed Home", with the intention of taking it to different places in Mexico. Five designers were convened and through six intensive weeks of design research and experimentation, they identified and explored new possibilities and uses for the biomaterial of their choice.

Winners of the 2022 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers Announced

The Architectural League of New York has announced the winners of the 41st cycle of the annual Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers. Open to young architects and designers ten years or less out of a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, the award seeks to recognize visionary work by young practitioners and encourage the development of talented young architects and designers.

The Commons: Dissecting Open-Source Design

In New Mexico, irrigation channels that have been in continuous operation for three centuries replenish and nourish the wetlands of the American Southwest. These channels are known as Acequias – communally managed water systems built on democratic tradition. Members of the community own water rights, who then elect a three-person team to oversee the channels. In Cairo and Barcelona, Tahrir Square and Plaza de Catalunya have acted as important sites for voicing political dissatisfaction. The Tahrir Square protests of 2011, for instance, resulted in the eventual toppling of an almost 30-year-old government.

Overland Partners to Design a 6.3-mile Park On the US-Mexico Border

As part of a strategy developed in late 2021 by Ken Salazar (US Ambassador to Mexico), Deanna Kim (US Consul General in Nuevo Laredo), and Esteban Moctezuma (Mexico Ambassador) in collaboration with leaders politicians, and businessmen from the southern region of Texas and the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, Overland Partners has been announced in conjunction with Able City as the creators of the new 6.3-mile "Binational River Park" that will extend along the Rio Grande - Rio Grande between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. This new space aims to restore and revitalize the ecosystem as well as attract tourism and celebrate the multiculturalism that takes place in this border territory.

World Monuments Fund Announces 25 Endangered Heritage and Cultural Sites for 2022

The World Monuments Fund has released its 2022 World Monuments Watch list, a selection of 25 sites from across the globe that hold great cultural and heritage significance but are being faced with economic, political or natural threats. This year's selection highlights themes of global issues such as climate change, imbalanced tourism, underrepresentation, and recovery from crisis, urging for prompt preservation plans.

UIA 2030 Award Finalists Announced

The International Union of Architects (UIA), in partnership with UN-HABITAT, have announced the Regional Finalists of first stage of the UIA 2030 Award. The biennial award, which is in its inaugural edition, honors the work of architects contributing to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and New Urban Agenda through built projects that demonstrate design quality and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Architectural League of New York Announces Winners of the 2022 Emerging Voices Award

The Architectural League of New York announced the 2022 Emerging Voices, highlighting eight new practices that show “the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape design, and urbanism.” One of the most prominent accolades in North American architecture, the Emerging Voices program reviews the design and academic accomplishments of individuals and firms based in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, selecting the best work through a juried, invited portfolio competition. This year’s winners showcase a wide range of preoccupations and design approaches that they explore through various mediums, thus illustrating a whole new spectrum of architectural inquiry.