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The 10th Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC)

Announcing the 10th Theatre Architecture Competition

The Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC), organized by Architecture commission of OISTAT-International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, is an international competition aimed at students and emerging architects and practitioners to showcase their innovation of future theatre architectures.

6 Winners Selected for OISTAT Competition to Design a Floating Theatre in Germany

Out of 197 entries from 38 countries, six proposals have been chosen as the winners of the 2015 OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition, which sought proposals for a floating theatre that could be moved to different locations along the Spree River in Germany. The ideas competition was organized by OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Technicians, and Theatre Architects), and the winning proposals will be showcased at the exhibition Stage│Set│Scenery in Berlin in June.

Per the competition requirements, the floating theatre proposals accommodate audiences of up to 300 people with a backstage area for 20 or fewer performers. The performance space remains moored on the river, while the foyer, restrooms, and refreshments are housed in a temporary structure on land that can be moved when necessary.

OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2015

The OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition is an international ideas competition, aimed at students and emerging practitioners, which is organized every four years by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Technicians and Theatre Architects). The theme of the 2015 competition will be the design of a floating theatre to be moored at a particular location on the river Spree in Berlin, Germany, but capable of being moved to other sites on the river.

2011 8th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition

Most spaces for the performing arts (drama, music theatre, dance, concerts and other forms) are housed in specialized buildings, built for the purpose.