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Inflatable ETFE Roofs Give This Resort its Pinecone-Like Forms

Focussing on prefabricated and sustainable means of construction, Italian practices 3GATTI Architecture Studio and OFL Architecture have envisioned an airy forest resort and spa in the historical region of Kurzeme, Latvia. The Pinecones Resort does its name justice by the spiky cone-like units that inhabit the site, made possible through the use of an inflatable roof constructed from ETFE, a lightweight polymer film.

ETFE, or Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, is the most extensively used material for inflatable roofing. Being 100% recyclable and having a minimal carbon footprint in terms of transportation and installation, the material is highly sustainable and in the case of this particular project, offers flexible and dynamic building forms.

Courtesy of 3GATTICourtesy of 3GATTICourtesy of 3GATTICourtesy of 3GATTI+ 10

Insects and Humans Harmonize in a Symphony of Architectural Sound in this Roman Installation

Within the walls of OFL Architecture's open-air wooden pavilion, the term "built environment" truly earns its keep. In Wunderbugs, humans become spectators of the natural world as insects toil away in six spherical ecosystems, and sensors weave movements into a web of data. Upon entering the pavilion, visitors are transformed into components of an interactive soundtrack harvested from the sensors and broadcast in the space, uniting the insect and human experience. The project was conceived for the second annual Maker Faire Europe in Rome, where it was installed earlier this month.

Enter the interactive acoustic experience of Wonderbugs after the break.

Courtesy of OFL ArchitectureSix biospheres each feature different types of ecosystems and insects. Image Courtesy of OFL ArchitectureSpeakers embedded in the structure play the data-composed musical soundtrack. Image Courtesy of OFL ArchitectureArduino sensors embedded in the structure measure human movements in the pavilion. Image Courtesy of OFL Architecture+ 13

Silk Road Map Evolution / OFL Architecture

Courtesy of OFL Architecture
Courtesy of OFL Architecture

Roma-based OFL Architecture shared with us their winning proposal for the Silk Road Map International Competition. See more images and architect’s description after the break.