St. Horto Winning Proposal / OFL Architecture

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Stemming from the idea of creating a perfect synergy between architecture, nature and social technologies, the competition winning proposal for the St. Horto project by OFL Architecture fits perfectly within the project area in . By redefining the boundaries through a game of compressions and expansions, the architects create a dynamic and attractive space. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Nuovo Palazzo Della Provincia di Bolzano / OFL architecture + rabatanalab

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Nuovo Palazzo Della Provincia di by OFL architecture and rabatanalab was born out of the desire to establish an historical continuity between the present and the past in Bolzano, Italy.  The study was carried out on the innovative facade system as a new organism that recalls the iconography of the symbols of the city, such as the Duomo, while using contemporary technology.

More on this project after the break.

Silk Road Map Evolution / OFL Architecture

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Roma-based OFL Architecture shared with us their winning proposal for the Silk Road Map International Competition. See more images and architect’s description after the break.