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The Wild Churches of Kerala, Southern India as Captured by Stefanie Zoche

© Stefanie Zoche
© Stefanie Zoche

Photographer Stefanie Zoche of Haubitz-Zoche has captured a series of vibrant images showcasing the “hybrid modernism” churches of the Southern Indian region of Kerala. The images below, also available on the artist’s website, depict the blend of modernist influences and local architectural elements that defined many Indian churches following the country's 1947 independence.

As Zoche explains, the post-independence Indian church establishment sought to differentiate itself from the historic colonial building style, and hence drew inspiration from the modernist icon Le Corbusier. The buildings in Zoche’s gallery often display an “effusively sculptural formal language and a use of intense color” with Christian symbols “directly transposed into a three-dimensional, monumental construction design.”

© Stefanie Zoche © Stefanie Zoche © Stefanie Zoche © Stefanie Zoche + 29

60th Annual NASA Convention 2018

The Annual NASA Convention is the annual get together of National Association of Students of Architecture. It is a four-day-long event held towards the end of January and is attended by around 5,000 students. Called Annual NASA when it was started more than fifty five years ago, the convention has gone on to become an integral part of all architecture colleges not only in India but as well as in the SAARC Nation.
With more than hundred events, NASA Convention offers a variety of fare to choose from for both the participants who are out to chill out and those