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Collaborative Virtual Reality Allows Design Professionals to Meet Inside The Model

Successful communication is fundamental to the success of any project, especially in architecture and construction. The industry has moved from 2D drawings to 3D BIM with programs like SketchUp and Revit. At times, there is still a struggle to communicate in and through these 3D models. From InsiteVR comes a solution.

The newest innovation by InsiteVR is like screen sharing but for 3D. As virtual reality gets more affordable and portable, collaborative VR has the potential to be as common as a screen share meeting. Together or in separate parts of the world, InsiteVR meetings allow architecture and construction professionals to review their models in virtual reality. Features include a designated lead presenter, built in voice, collaborative markups, synchronized cloud models, scale and mute controls.

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This New VR Analytics Tool Allows Architects to Track Users' Attention Within a Virtual Model

With virtual reality technology becoming a more and more common tool in architecture offices, engineers have already begun thinking about the next wave of advancements that could add even more functionality into their products. One of these advancements is through the use of one of the information age’s biggest revolutions: analysis of user feedback.

Lauching today, 3D visualization company InsiteVR has implemented these features into their software for the first time – allowing architects to learn about how people are viewing their models in real time.

Virtual Reality for Architecture Predicts Patterns, Drives Business Decisions

The 2016 edition of SXSW Interactive had no shortage of virtual reality demos, including virtual reality as it applies to architecture. On Tuesday, IA Interior Architects and InsiteVR held a panel on the impact that VR has had on the design process and communication with clients.

I had the pleasure of speaking alongside IA's Guy Messick, AIA, director of design intelligence; and Kelly Funk, IIDA, senior workplace strategist. While 2015 was a big year for early adopters, VR has rapidly left the "beta" phase with firms like IA equipping all their offices with VR headsets and integrated work flows with InsiteVR, which lets them easily present their Revit models at human scale with the click of a button.

A core focus of our panel was describing direct experiences that IA has had with clients using VR. In a video shown to the audience, a confidential client was challenged to comprehend various design options and a specific ceiling solution. When the client put the VR headset on, one could see an immediate reaction revealing his sudden understanding.