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Hassell + OMA & ArchDaily Presents: WA Museum Boola Bardip. An Architecture of Stories

On 25 November, 10am CET, OMA, Hassell, WA Museum Boola Bardip, and the Netherlands embassy in Canberra will join a panel discussion with a focus on the architecture of the Museum.

HASSELL + OMA Reveal Design for New Museum for Western Australia

With the contract to design and build the museum in Perth officially awarded to contractor Brookfield Multiplex, HASSELL + OMA have revealed the design for the New Museum for Western Australia. The WA Government commissioned HASSEL + OMA to design the cultural institution in April of this year.

HASSELL Principal and Board Director Mark Loughnan, and OMA Managing Partner-Architect David Gianotten stated: “Our vision for the design was to create spaces that promote engagement and collaboration, responding to the needs of the Museum and the community. We want it to create a civic place for everyone, an interesting mix of heritage and contemporary architecture, that helps revitalize the Perth Cultural Centre while celebrating the culture of Western Australia on the world stage. The design is based on the intersection of a horizontal and vertical loop creating large possibilities of curatorial strategies for both temporary and fixed exhibitions.”