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Hussein Bin Talal Park / Strelka Architects + Strelka KB + Snøhetta

© Strelka KB© Strelka KB© Strelka KB© Strelka KB+ 35

The Faded Pastel Facades of Russia

© Maria Gonzalez
© Maria Gonzalez

© Maria Gonzalez© Maria Gonzalez© Maria Gonzalez© Maria Gonzalez+ 21

During our past trips to Russia - in cities such as Moscow, Kaliningrad, Belgorod and even Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic - we documented the subtle pastel exteriors found in several cities around the world’s largest country. From neoclassical, to modernist and brutalist buildings, to public spaces and urban intra-structures such as metros, bridges and squares, pastel colors stand out as an essential, cohesive part of Russian identity. See a small selection of pastel-colored urban images below.