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Vezelka Embankment in Belgorod / Strelka KB + Strelka Architects

02:00 - 18 November, 2018
Vezelka Embankment in Belgorod / Strelka KB + Strelka Architects, © Maria Gonzalez
© Maria Gonzalez

© Maria Gonzalez © Strelka KB © Maria Gonzalez © Maria Gonzalez + 24

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    Bélgorod, Óblast de Bélgorod, Russia
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  • Lead Architects Strelka Architects

    Dasha Paramonova, Jezi Stankevic, Olga Deribas, Ekaterina Korchagina, Ariana Melkonyan, Alisa Ermolaeva, Sofia Akimenko, Kristina Shleverda
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  • Area

    133000.0 m2
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The Faded Pastel Facades of Russia

12:00 - 28 October, 2018
© Maria Gonzalez
© Maria Gonzalez

© Maria Gonzalez © Maria Gonzalez © Maria Gonzalez © Maria Gonzalez + 21

During our past trips to Russia - in cities such as Moscow, Kaliningrad, Belgorod and even Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic - we documented the subtle pastel exteriors found in several cities around the world’s largest country. From neoclassical, to modernist and brutalist buildings, to public spaces and urban intra-structures such as metros, bridges and squares, pastel colors stand out as an essential, cohesive part of Russian identity. See a small selection of pastel-colored urban images below.

Belgorod City Centre International Competition

01:00 - 10 March, 2013
Belgorod City Centre International Competition, Courtesy of Project Russia
Courtesy of Project Russia

Curated by Bart Goldhoorn, publisher of Project Russia magazine, the Belgorod City Centre International Competition is asking participants to design a large urban block (around 300 x 200 m) in the heart of the city in order to replace the low rise buildings that now occupy the site with a more dense development. Though the construction of high towers is very popular in Russia with developers, the city would like to limit the maximum building height limited to 15-20 meters. The main task is to find the optimum between density and quality and offer the city a recipe for redeveloping the city center as a whole, making it at an attractive place to live and work. The deadline for submissions is May 10. To register, and for more information, please visit here.