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AL_A Wins Competition to Design Abu Dhabi Mosque

AL_A has won a competition to design a new mosque within the Foster + Partner-designed World Trade Center complex in Abu Dhabi. The 2000-square-meter project, envisioned as a "pathway to serenity" rather than a single building, leads visitors on a journey through an informal park of palm trees that slowly align with the mosque's shifted grid as users approach the Prayer Hall. Once inside, visitors are facing towards Mecca.

"The mosque is envisaged as a piece of the city, one that reflects the journey from the temporal to the spiritual," said AL_A director Ho-Yin Ng. "The mosque and the garden become one, with the trees and the columns forming an informal vertical landscape and allowing Friday prayers to spill outside."

Berlin Tempelhof Airport / GROSS.MAX. + Sutherland Hussey Architects

© Grossmax & Sutherland Hussey
© Grossmax & Sutherland Hussey

Two of Scotland’s leading design firms have won an international competition to transform Berlin’s famous Tempelhof Airport. GROSS. MAX. with Sutherland Hussey Architects have been awarded the commission to design a new park and associated buildings on the site of the recently closed airport. Additional images of the winning entry are available after the break.