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CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018

19:30 - 9 February, 2018
CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018, CANactions educational platform
CANactions educational platform

CANactions seeks to enhance the creation of places and communities in Ukraine where people love to live and work. CANactions integrates the most relevant world experience in the sphere of architecture and urbanism to educate and inspire responsibility active change makers. For this moment, CANactions is a member of Future Architecture Platform.

Since 2008, the International Architecture Festival CANactions has become the biggest educational event in the sphere of Architecture and Urbanism in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

2018 is the 11th time the Festival is about to be held. The topic of this year's festival is CONNECTIONS.

Fredericia, Denmark Embellished by EASA 2017 Student Installations

06:00 - 3 October, 2017

In the summer of 2017, Fredericia, Denmark was touched by EASA [European Architecture Students Assembly]. The largest network of architecture students in Europe, EASA is a diverse community where the common language is architecture. The theme for EASA 2017 was: Hospitality - Finding the Framework. Hospitality was the foundation for the 30 different projects the groups of students worked on for two weeks.

The EASA community includes 500 students representing over 40 countries and 200 different architecture schools. Run by students, for students, EASA had an organizing board of 12 international architecture students this year who were chosen by EASA.

© Kononchenko Alexandra © Kononchenko Alexandra © Kononchenko Alexandra © Kononchenko Alexandra + 15

Students at EASA 2016 Transform Nida in Lithuania With Series of Installations

10:15 - 28 August, 2016
Students at EASA 2016 Transform Nida in Lithuania With Series of Installations, Dream Dune. Image © Alexandra Kononchenko
Dream Dune. Image © Alexandra Kononchenko

The 2016 European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) has concluded in Nida, Lithuania. Centering around its title theme of "Not Yet Decided," the two-week event included 35 workshops, with over half of the results still available to view around Nida. Among the most noticeable are "Highlight," a 10-meter tall observation tower close to Nida's lighthouse, a "nomadic theater" named "Atmosphere," a relaxation space known as "The Living Room" at the end of a pier, and a sculptural seating installation on the beach known as "Dream Dune." Read on to see images of all the completed installations.

The Living Room. Image © Alexandra Kononchenko © Alexandra Kononchenko The Next Step. Image © Alexandra Kononchenko Highlight. Image © Lucas Bonnel + 38

European Architecture Students Assembly 2016: "Not Yet Decided"

10:30 - 19 February, 2016
European Architecture Students Assembly 2016: "Not Yet Decided"

Five hundred of the most progressive architecture students and young, talented architects are heading to Lithuania this summer. For the first time in its history, the European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) is being organized in the country. The small Lithuanian seaside town of Nida, located on the the Curonian Spit - the 98 km long thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea - will host the event. Read on to find out more about the assembly, see a selection of past pavilions from the workshops, and find out how you can propose a workshop as a tutor.