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The Living Boom / Miguel Ángel Maure Blesa, Carlotta Franco, Arian Lehner, Javier Guerra Gómez

© Alexandra Kononchenko/EASA© Alexandra Kononchenko/EASA© Alexandra Kononchenko/EASA© Alexandra Kononchenko/EASA+ 23

Students at EASA 2016 Transform Nida in Lithuania With Series of Installations

The 2016 European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) has concluded in Nida, Lithuania. Centering around its title theme of "Not Yet Decided," the two-week event included 35 workshops, with over half of the results still available to view around Nida. Among the most noticeable are "Highlight," a 10-meter tall observation tower close to Nida's lighthouse, a "nomadic theater" named "Atmosphere," a relaxation space known as "The Living Room" at the end of a pier, and a sculptural seating installation on the beach known as "Dream Dune." Read on to see images of all the completed installations.

The Living Room. Image © Alexandra Kononchenko© Alexandra KononchenkoThe Next Step. Image © Alexandra KononchenkoHighlight. Image © Lucas Bonnel+ 38