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These Competition-Winning Drawings Explore the Meaning of Island Utopias

Architectural print studio Desplans in collaboration with Library Illustrazioni have published the results of their architectural drawing competition titled “The Island: Between Utopia and Metaphor for Reality.” The competition asked participants to submit drawings and text interpreting the meaning of islands and utopias, considering “the double value inherent in the utopia” between aspiration and limitation.

The entries were judged by a jury of figures from Library and Desplans, with one winner and 12 honorable mentions selected. The winning entries were chosen with attention given to the relevance of the theme, dialogue between text and image, graphic research, and quality of reflection.

The institution of the Void / Olivier Jauniaux. Image © Olivier Jauniaux Insula in mari nata / Valentina Merz . Image © Valentina Merz The Floating Island / Arianna Boccalatte. Image © Arianna Boccalatte Dystopia / Michai Pecko. Image © Michai Pecko + 14

These Drawings Use Just 5 Lines to Create Beautiful Compositions

DailyDose—one of ArchDaily's five favorite daily newsletters of 2017—have published a collection of drawings submitted as part of an open competition to sketch a composition of just five lines. To celebrate the milestone of their 1000th newsletter which has, over the course of the last five years, delivered 34,297 collected images to inboxes around the globe, one work (by Roberto de Oliveira Castro) will be made available as a limited edition framed artwork by Desplans.

Micha Ringger. Image Courtesy of DailyDose Maude Gyger. Image Courtesy of DailyDose Balthazar Donzelot. Image Courtesy of DailyDose Razvan Pop. Image Courtesy of DailyDose + 24

Sketching Competition Seeks Compositions of Just 5 Lines

Earlier this year, ArchDaily shared five of our favorite daily newsletters. DailyDose—a neatly curated daily injection of spaces and design to your inbox, selected from an ever expanding body of architects, designers, and practitioners—was one such. In advance of their 1000th milestone, they have launched an open drawing competition, the results of which will be shared on the anniversary issue.