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Curtains as Room Dividers: Towards a Fluid and Adaptable Architecture

Over the past few decades, interior spaces have become increasingly open and versatile. From the thick walls and multiple subdivisions of Palladian villas, for example, to today's free-standing and multi-functional plans, architecture attempts to combat obsolescence by providing consistently efficient environments for everyday life, considering both present and future use. And while Palladio's old villas can still accommodate a wide variety of functions and lifestyles, re-adapting their use without changing an inch of their original design, today, flexibility seems to be the recipe for extending the useful life of buildings as far as possible.

How, then, can we design spaces neutral and flexible enough to adapt to the evolving human being, while still accomplishing the needs that each person requires today? An ancient element could help redefine the way we conceive and inhabit space: curtains.

Emperor Qianmen Hotel / asap. Image © Jonathan LeijonhufvudReady-made Apartment / azab. Image © Luis Diaz DiazPURE / Sílvia Rocio + Mariana Póvoa + esse studio. Image © Francisco NogueiraJL Madeira Office / Metro Arquitetos Associados. Image © Ilana Bessler+ 48

Add Style and Pizzazz to Your Living Space With These Dazzling Cityscape Curtains

There is something so beautiful and alluring about city skylines at night—the way light twinkles from buildings and illuminates the dark, night sky, creating a backdrop romantics swoon over. Imagine being able to experience your favorite night time skyline anytime of the day, from the comfort of your own living room. HoleRoll allows you to do just this, simply by pulling down your blinds.