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Collateral Event: The Latest Architecture and News

Yugoslav Architect Svetlana Kana Radevic's Legacy on Postwar Architecture Highlighted in the 2021 Venice Biennale

Part of the Collateral Events of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, the extensive built work of Yugoslav architect Svetlana Kana Radević (1937-2000) is brought to light from May 22 until November 21 at the Palazzo Palumbo Fossati. Entitled “Skirting the Center: Svetlana Kana Radević on the Periphery of Postwar Architecture”, the exhibition curated by Dijana Vucinic and Anna Kats, aims to highlight the architect’s work and expand her representation.

Architect Svetlana Kana Radevic, Hotel Podgorica, personal archive. Image Courtesy of APSS Institute Architect Svetlana Kana Radevic, Monument to Fallen Fighters of Ljesanska Nahija, Barutana Podgorica, built in 1980, photographer Luka Boskovic. Image Courtesy of APSS InstituteArchitect Svetlana Kana Radevic,Bus station, Podgorica 1968, private archive. Image Courtesy of APSS InstituteArchitect Svetlana Kana Radevic,  Petrovac Apartment Building, built in 1967, photo from APSS archive. Image Courtesy of APSS Institute+ 14

"Catalonia in Venice" Highlights the Role of Architecture in Climate Emergency and Public Health Crisis

Catalonia in Venice - air/aria/aire, part of the Collateral Event of the Biennale Architettura 2021, is an exhibition curated by architect Olga Subirós, commissioned by the Institut Ramon Llull, with the participation of 300.000 Km/s, an urbanism studio in macro data-based strategic planning. Reflecting on the central theme of the Biennale “How will we live together?” the project investigates the role of architecture and urbanism within the context of the climate emergency and the public health crisis.

100 Architects From 6 Continents Discuss "Time Space Existence" at the 2014 Venice Biennale

The much anticipated Time Space Existence collateral event at Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora for the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale brought together a diverse group of 100 architects from six continents in an "extraordinary combination." Summoned by the Dutch non-profit Global Arts Affairs Foundation, the exhibitions the architects were asked to produce documents current developments and thoughts in architecture, highlighting fundamental questions by discussing the philosophical concepts of Time, Space and Existence. Featuring well established architects next to lesser known practices, they all share a "dedication to architecture in the broadest sense of their profession."

Grafting Architecture: Catalonia at Venice

Catalonia is returning for the second time to the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale with the Collateral Event Arquitectures Empeltades / Grafting Architecture. Referencing the botanical process of grafting, the proposal seeks to elucidate the changes taking place in contemporary Catalan architecture by highlighting processes in which “living traditions” are being updated as new.

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