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Nagari 2021 Award Ceremony & Screening

Nagari 2021 Short Film Competition addresses the subject of people and livelihoods in Indian cities. It attempts to use film as a medium to narrate the issues, and expand an understanding of the subject and extend its representation and relevance in India.

Charles Correa’s 1955 Master Thesis Uses Animated Film to Explain Public Participation in Urban Processes

Charles Correa Foundation has recently released several snippets of ‘You & Your Neighbourhood’, Charles Correa’s 1955 Master Thesis at MIT, an animation film for which the architect was scriptwriter, animator, photographer and director. The thesis put forward the idea of a participatory process for the betterment of neighbourhoods, with a strong emphasis on creating a framework for improving urban conditions in a bottom-up approach.

New Petition Aims to Save Charles Correa's Kala Academy from Demolition

A new petition has been started to save Charles Correa's Kala Academy from demolition by the State Government in India. The project has become one of the only government-run arts institution with a diverse set of cultural offerings across Western and Indian programming. As Goa’s cultural center, the late 1970's structure is a rare example of an equitable public building in India.

Z-Axis 2018 Conference: Designing Equitable Cities

Equity matters. As India becomes an increasingly urban nation, our cities require critical discourse on how to make housing, infrastructure, public space, and opportunity available to all citizens. This third edition of Z-Axis – the biennial conference organized by the Charles Correa Foundation – will draw on expertise from around the globe to debate and articulate the agency of architecture and planning in creating equitable cities.

Speakers include Richard Burdett, Tatiana Bilbao, Rahul Mehrotra, Cino Zucchi, among others.