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Offices and Workplaces: Examples in Plan

The functional distribution plays a fundamental role in the contemporary design of offices and places for work. The study of the architecture plan shows an interesting form of approach; not only allows for proper logistics and circulation but find efficient variations and innovations that will enable better workspaces that adapt to the current needs.

We have selected more than 50 plans of projects that will inspire you, recognizing the different ways in which architects have faced the challenge to design offices, in all different scale ranges.

This Instagram Celebrates a Unique Style of Architectural Illustration

via Zean Macfarlane (@zeanmacfarlane)
via Zean Macfarlane (@zeanmacfarlane)

Instagram and social media are fundamentally changing the way we design in the 21st century. There is an inspirational component to the content we see and cite on the internet, but beyond the pretty pictures lies an opportunity for growth and learning. Zean Macfarlane (@zeanmacfarlane) has found his niche on Instagram somewhere in the middle. The "daily architecture" posts feature process sketches, articulated elevations, and graphic design; but the fun doesn't stop there.

Macfarlane's account also includes a link to tutorial ebooks where you can learn his unique graphic style and begin to apply the effects and techniques into your own drawings. The entire grid of posts acts as a digital artboard, rich with playful forms and careful composition. See for yourself why he has amassed a following of nearly 50k people.

 You can see more of Zean's work after the break. 

Exhibition: Sergei Tchoban Architectural Drawings

In his first solo exhibition in the United States, Sergei's 18 works on paper reveal his memories in Russia. The themes span monuments, fantastical scenes of Berlin, cities under water, exceptional sections and compositions of historical and contemporary architecture.

Call for Submissions: Best Architecture Drawings 2017

In the thousands of posts we publish yearly, we have the privilege of seeing a large number of impressive architecture drawings. They are submitted by established practices, architecture students, artists and, occasionally, our readers. From precise, old-school hand drawings to architectural representation that pushes the boundary of collage, photography and digital sketching, drawings hold a particular intrigue in the hearts of architecture lovers.

Since inspiration is at the heart of ArchDaily's mission, we'd like to invite all members to submit their best drawing for inclusion in our 2017 "Best Drawings" post. 

Decades After the Rise of CAD, Architecture Is Going “Paperless”—For Real This Time

If you visit an architecture office today, you may sense a slight change. The days of bulky desktops, ergonomic mouse pads and tower-high stacks of drawing sets are slowly giving way to digital pencils, tablets, and tons of architects’ hand-drawings—both physical and digital. Architects across the globe are clearing their desks, literally, and utilizing emerging touchscreen tools and software for designing, sharing and collaborating. It seems possible that, for the first time in years, the architecture profession could revisit Bernard Tschumi’s “paperless” studio which formed a key part of his tenure as dean of Columbia University’s GSAPP in the mid-1990s. However, this time, “paperless” starts with a pencil, instead of a click.

LineCAD Offers Solid Collection of Free Architecture CAD Blocks (No Strings Attached)

The people have spoken and the message is clear: “We want CAD blocks, reference drawings in DWG format and templates of all kinds!” Well, feast your eyes on this latest discovery, The site is a catch-all for downloadable DWGs and blocks whose scope even goes beyond architecture. (Shout out to your engineer buddies looking for pumps, pipes and gauges!)