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12 Architects Design Shelters to Raise Money for LA’s Homeless Cats

16:00 - 31 October, 2017
12 Architects Design Shelters to Raise Money for LA’s Homeless Cats, © Meghan Bob Photography
© Meghan Bob Photography

With somewhere between one and three million cats, Los Angeles is home to one of the United States’ largest populations of homeless felines. For the “Giving Shelter” exhibition in Los Angeles, 12 architects designed and built 13 small, one-of-a-kind shelters for these cats. The shelters, which are being sold through an online auction until 9pm PST tonight, will raise money for FixNation, a non-profit which provides a free service to spay or neuter homeless cats. Read on to see all 13 shelters.

8 Projects by Architects, for Animals

09:30 - 20 March, 2016
8 Projects by Architects, for Animals

The impacts of architecture on the quality of human life are often debated, and in the 21st century, projects are under greater scrutiny than ever for the experiences they provide for people. Buildings all over the world must address a specific context, responding to the cultural framework of their users.

In light of this, we’ve gathered 8 projects that have a different sort of user -- projects designed not just for people, but also for animals. Ranging from zoo buildings to aquariums, stables and shelters, these projects have the unique challenge of balancing a human and animal experience. See them all after the break.