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ArchDaily's Sustainability Glossary : A-B-C

07:00 - 30 April, 2019
ArchDaily's Sustainability Glossary : A-B-C , © ArchDaily
© ArchDaily

It is expected that within the next couple of decades, Earth will have absolutely nothing left to offer whoever/whatever is capable of surviving on it. Although the human race is solely responsible for the damages done to the planet, a thin silver lining can still be seen if radical changes were to be done to the way we live on Earth and how we sustain it. 

Since architects and designers carry a responsibility of building a substantial future, we have put together an A-Z list of every sustainability term that you might come across. Every week, a new set of letters will be published, helping you stay well-rounded on everything related to sustainable architecture and design. Here are the terms that start with letters A, B, and C.

30 Plans, Sections and Details for Sustainable Projects

07:00 - 19 March, 2019
30 Plans, Sections and Details for Sustainable Projects

The dramatic improvement in recent decades in our understanding of sustainable design has shown that designing sustainably doesn't have to be a compromise—it can instead be a benefit. When done correctly, sustainable design results in higher-performing, healthier buildings which contribute to their inhabitants' physical and mental well-being.

The benefits of incorporating vegetation in façades and in roofs, as well as materials and construction systems that take energy use and pollution into account, demonstrate that sustainable design has the potential to create buildings that improve living conditions and respect the natural environment.

Below we have compiled 30 plans, sections and construction details of projects that stand out for their approach to sustainability.

The Icon / Jackson Clements Burrows

20:00 - 7 October, 2017
The Icon / Jackson Clements Burrows, © John Gollings
© John Gollings

© Michael Gazzola © John Gollings © Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola + 18

8 Burnley Street 'A Place to Live' / SJB

18:00 - 5 January, 2017
8 Burnley Street 'A Place to Live' / SJB, © Peter Clarke
© Peter Clarke

40 Impressive Details Using Concrete

09:00 - 8 November, 2016

Due to its ability to mold and create different shapes, concrete is one of architecture's most popular materials. While one of its most common uses is as a humble foundation, its plasticity means that it is also used in almost all types of construction, from housing to museums, presenting a variety of details of work that deserves special attention.

Check out this collection of 40 projects that highlight the use of concrete. Impressive! 

Tarrawarra Abbey / Baldasso Cortese Architects

11:00 - 9 June, 2016
Tarrawarra Abbey  / Baldasso Cortese Architects, © Michael Gazzola
© Michael Gazzola

© Sherman Tan © Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola © Sherman Tan + 36

  • Architects

  • Location

    Yarra Glen VIC 3775, Australia
  • Category

  • Project Architect

    Nic Lymn
  • Architectural & Interior Team

    Konrad Schaller, Wuff Keeble, Sherman Tan, Gabriella Muto
  • Design Director

    Steven Cortese
  • Area

    230.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Imperial Doncaster / The Buchan Group

22:00 - 3 December, 2015
Imperial Doncaster / The Buchan Group, © Michael Gazzola
© Michael Gazzola

© Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola + 17

  • Architects

  • Location

    Doncaster, Manningham VIC 3108, Australia
  • Category

  • Architect in Charge

    Harvey Male
  • Project Year


St Joseph’s Primary School / dKO Architecture

00:00 - 12 October, 2011
St Joseph’s Primary School / dKO Architecture, © Michael Gazzola
© Michael Gazzola

© Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola © Michael Gazzola + 11

  • Architects

  • Location

    Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia
  • Category

  • Project Team

    Zvonko Orsanic, Hannah Jonasson
  • Collaborators

    Norman Disney & Young, Felicetti, JNAT, McCutcheon MacDonald, Invotec, Like Butter
  • Contractor

    Total Construction
  • Area

    450.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs