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Joint Leaking Solutions | Effisus
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Joint Leaking Solutions | Effisus

  • Use

    Joint sealant
  • Applications

    Polycarbonate joints, glass joints, thresholds, parapets, chimneys, metal panel joints, wood, plastic, masonry and concrete joints, metallic profiles, mechanical fixations
  • Characteristics

    Waterproof, UV resistant, durable, flexible, easy installation
  • Colors

    White, grey, tan, black, metallic
  • Sizes

    Length: 15.2m \ Width: 50-1000mm

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More about this product

Leak problems can occur for several reasons, including environmental degradation, installation error, or simply due to system deterioration. The most common problems are:

  • Failed fasteners
  • Failed seam
  • Failed flashing
  • Failed sealants
  • Improper pitch

Effisus offers various solutions for waterproofing and protecting joints.

Effisus Easyrepair: An ideal system for sealing leaks on all roofs and facades which offers innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for permanently sealing leaks. It creates a waterproof, moisture, and airtight barrier, with no additional sealing required. Effisus Easyrepair uses innovative technology with active sealants to prevent infiltration and allow for easy installation, without the need for any additional accessories or adhesives.


Effisus Easyrepair application on a skylight structure in Dubai

Effisus Bond FT: The Effisus Bond FT solution offers a superior performance to permanently seal flashing details on metal roofs. Its unique elongation capacity and flexibility guarantees that it can be formed to fit irregular shapes and surfaces, with no need for mechanical fastening or additional adhesives. Effisus Bond FT Tape is made of an uncured EPDM membrane that has been laminated to an EPDM based pressure sensitive tape adhesive, integrating a proven peel & stick technology.


Duct sealing with Effisus Bond FT

Effisus 2Bond DS: A bi-adhesive tape for sealing between two surfaces of the same or different materials, or for sealing nail/screw perforations, on roofs or facades. The Effisus 2Bond DS adhesive is made with advanced technology and active sealants that guarantee exceptional adhesion to various construction materials. 2Bond DS uses sealants without double bonds between their carbon atoms, resulting in an extremely stable molecular structure.

Joint Sealant | Effisus


For Effisus, providing excellent client support is a top priority. The Effisus Technical Consultant Team provides assistance throughout the process, offering full project support every step of the way and with attention to every detail. Effisus also provides roof and facade integrated solutions for sealing, waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation that will generate superior building energy efficiency.
To ask for a sample, assistance with a project specification, technical articles or, to be connected with a UK or UAE Commercial team, contact EFFISUS.

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