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Showers - Raindance Select | hansgrohe
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Showers - Raindance Select | hansgrohe

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    Large spray disks, three jet types, Select feature, QuickClean, AirPower reduced water consumption

More about this product

All hansgrohe Raindance showers feature large spray discs and both hand and overhead showers come with up to three jet types. Select the shower jet by pressing an intuitive Select push button. On the Raindance hand showers this is built into the handhold, while on the multi-jet overhead showers it is in the centre of the spray disc. The purely mechanical technology is exceptionally durable.

Shower Series

  • Raindance Select S
  • Raindance Select E

Jet Types

  • Overhead Showers
    • Invigorating (Rain)
    • Soothing (RainAir)
    • Luxuriant (RainStream)
  • Hand Showers
    • Caressing (RainAir)
    • Invigorating (Rain)
    • Massaging (Whirl)

Raindance Select hand showers also come with three jet types and the Select push button. Opt for one of two sizes (120 or 150 mm diameter) and the surface finish that you want (white/chrome or chrome).

Product Range

  • Raindance Select E
  • Raindance Select S

Raindance Select Showerpipe

The showerpipe consists of an overhead shower, hand shower, shower thermostat, shower hose and a hand shower holder. The system allows you to select up to six jet types simply by clicking: three for the overhead shower, three for the hand shower. Raindance shower systems are available in the surface finishes chrome, white/chrome and with elegant glass surfaces (Raindance E).


  • AirPower
    hansgrohe Raindance showers feature AirPower. Here, the spray disc sucks in an ample supply of air to enrich the water with. The resulting beads of water feel soft and water consumption is reduced.
  • QuickClean
    The fact that the shower is easy to clean is a further plus. Simply rub any limescale off the silicone nozzles. In the event of any stubborn dirt marks, just remove the spray disc on the overhead shower and clean it in the dishwasher.

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