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Decorative Metal Systems: Alexan Webster Apartments | BŌK Modern
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Decorative Metal Systems: Alexan Webster Apartments | BŌK Modern

  • Use

    Privacy, fall protection, air flow, circulation
  • Applications

    Commercial mixed use
  • Characteristics

    Customizable patterns, finishes, materials

More about this product

The 36 affordable apartments at Alexan Webster are positioned in Alameda County’s median income area. Designed by KTGY Architecture + Planning, the project includes 15,000 square feet of retail in the Oakland’s former Auto Row district. With the area upzones several years ago, 3,000 new homes and 360,000 square feet of retail development have resulted in hundreds of apartments now hitting the market.

In collaboration with KTGY, BŌK Modern and its division, EnFold Façade was selected to design and install Juliet balconies, balcony guardrails, wallscreens, and parking garage screens. BŌK Modern's Universal Bracket application was a simple solution for mounting their products across this minimalist and creative housing project. Its innovative design allowed for fast and easy installation while providing a wide range of adjustability for field tolerances.

Product System Used

  • Wallscreens
    EnFold Façade Wallscreen systems are applicable to building exteriors, parking garage screens, and green screens as well as a variety of interior room divider, wall and ceiling applications. EnFold Façade panels can be directly mounted to the edge of a slab or other structure without the need for secondary supporting members. Panel systems are delivered to site fully fabricated and finished, ready for immediate installation. Designed with the same precision laser cutting typical throughout the entire BŌK Modern line of products, EnFold Façade Wallscreens can encompass an infinite array of patterns and shapes, and be finished in Kynar, powder coat, anodized aluminum, or rusted surface (Core-ten) steel.
  • Balcony Guardrails
    Guardrails are unitized structural panels that require no additional posts. This BŌK Modern original product reinvented guardrails with laser-cut panels.
  • Parking Garage Screens
    Customizable parking garage panels champion air flow, circulation, and depth. They can be mounted in a modular configuration using standard knifeblade support brackets for accelerated installation and cost-effective planning. All assembly elements are integrated directly into the panels and offered in an array of beautiful standard and custom panel options. The panels are suitable for exterior applications, and bracket plates can be concealed behind the finish. BŌK Modern will leverage their extensive Wallscreens experience for scalable impact or retrofitting to existing conditions for your unique project.
  • Juliet Balconies
    Mounted either as a ‘decklette’ to a platform provided by BŌK Modern or other platforms, Juliet Balconies provide a romantic addition and dimension to residential projects.
  • Universal Bracket
    Universal brackets are simple, efficient, and flexible, designed for field tolerance, minimal waterproofing, and easy structural attachment. The BŌK Modern Patent Pending Universal Bracket is a solution for mounting most of their architectural panel systems. Its innovative design allows for fast and easy installation while providing a wide range of adjustability for field tolerances. Suitable applications include (but are not limited to) mounting stair and balcony guardrails, as well as wall and parking garage screens to wood, steel and concrete sub-structures. The distinct two-part design consists of part “A” mounting base, and a part “B” adjustable bracket, which together solve multiple installation issues.

Product Details

Project Alexan Webster Apartments, 2018
Designer KTGY Architecture + Planning
Installation O’Kane Structural Steel
Location Oakland, CA, United States
Photography Garrett Rowland
Colour White
Application and use in Construction Parking Garage Screens, Wallscreens, Juliet Balconies, Balcony Guardrails, Universal Bracket
Format Rounded perforations, gradients
Type of Metal Aluminum
Properties Air flow, circulation, privacy, fall protection

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