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Decorative Metal Systems: 2500 El Camino Real | BŌK Modern
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Decorative Metal Systems: 2500 El Camino Real | BŌK Modern

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    Residential, Affordable Housing, Landscape, Exteriors
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    Customizable finishes, patterns, materials
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BŌK Modern

More about this product

A part of the Stanford Research Park, this affordable housing unit contributes to its community with a corner café and services for the visually impaired. BŌK Modern partnered with David Baker Architects to conceptualize the development’s uniqueness. Features such as corten wall screens and fences propel aging and timelessness. The anodized aluminum of the balconies and sunshields juxtapose the corten with its brilliance and contemporary rectangle cutouts.

Across diverse scope, BŌK Modern proved to be competitive and cost-efficient, carrying the same design, finish style, and identity through our cohesive metal systems. This project emulates a European flair with contemporary, avant-garde, modernist shapes and “wabi-sabi” features such as beauty, imperfection, seasonal colors, and transience. The rusted color spectrum and natural elements of this project elevate the notion of “breathing” palettes, and as a result, creates architectural dimension alongside nature.

Product System Used

  • Wallscreens
    EnFold Façade Wallscreen systems are applicable to building exteriors, parking garage screens, and green screens as well as a variety of interior room divider, wall and ceiling applications. EnFold Façade panels can be directly mounted to the edge of a slab or other structure without the need for secondary supporting members. Panel systems are delivered to site fully fabricated and finished, ready for immediate installation. Designed with the same precision laser cutting typical throughout the entire BŌK Modern line of products, EnFold Façade Wallscreens can encompass an infinite array of patterns and shapes, and be finished in Kynar, powder coat, anodized aluminum, or rusted surface (Core-ten) steel.
  • Fences
    Post-Free Fences that simplify architectural metal systems. In lieu of traditional posts, the integrated panels are upheld by self-supporting folds for lateral support. Made from a single sheet, this enhances material-use while reducing waste. The resulting structure is an elegant, minimal, continuum of modern panels. Where traditional fence systems require complex assembly and installation time, BŌK Modern is redefining historical approaches to fencing for sustainable, quick, and seamless solutions.
  • Balcony Guardrails
    Guardrails are unitized structural panels that require no additional posts. This BŌK Modern original product reinvented guardrails with laser-cut panels.
  • Sunshades
    Sunshades come with BŌK Modern’s exclusive nail-on fins for clean installation or custom bracket for larger, dramatic, sun protection effects. Shadows cast from our sunshades add depth and animation as the resulting pattern of your façade.

Product Details

Project 2500 El Camino Real, 2016
Designer David Baker Architects
Installation G.K. Welding
Location Los Angeles, CA
Photography BŌK Modern
Colour Rust - orange-brown, grey/silver
Application and use in Construction Wall Screens, Fences, Balconies, Sunshades, Facades
Format Various
Type of Metal Anodized aluminum, rusted corten

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BŌK Modern

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

BŌK Modern

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