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Soft Cells – Acoustic Panel System | Kvadrat Acoustics

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  • Use

    Walls and ceilings
  • Applications

    Cultural, public, education, hospitality, corporate, music halls and auditoriums
  • Characteristics

    Acoustic absorption, choice of textile finishes, patented tensioning mechanism, customizable panels, made from recycled aluminum
  • Guarantee

    10-year product warranty

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Kvadrat Acoustics

More about this product

Kvadrat Acoustics provide a customized, high-performance acoustic panel solution which includes technical advice covering every stage from initial architectural support to installation. The acoustic panels are primarily used as building components, though they are also suitable for post-fitting. Made with recycled aluminum and with a textile finish the panels are tensioned to withstand humidity and temperature conditions. They can be re-upholstered and their components reused as often as required.



Kvadrat Acoustics solutions include personalized support from initial construction to installation. This combines local insights, A&D expertise and the efficiencies of a global network

Architects and designers can tailor the service solution to suit each project. The options include:

  • Acoustic advice
  • Guidance on specifications, regulations and budget optimization
  • Assistance with selecting textiles
  • Computational design
  • Installation and installer training

Complementary Concepts

Kvadrat Acoustic solutions are backed by a suite of complementary products. These include:

  • NODE unifies building services devices, such as sprinklers, lights, and speakers, into a family of circular nodes which harmonize with the overall aesthetic of a project
  • Weave Radiant Textile Panels provide thermal comfort. This is achieved by incorporating water pipes which heat and/or cool a radiant surface located behind a layer of tensioned textile.
  • Luminous Textile Panels integrates multi-colored LEDs seamlessly within beautiful textiles that also soften sound.
  • OneSpace provides homogeneous daylight-like light through an ultra-thin panel. Composed of incombustible, sound-absorbing glass fiber textile and aluminum, it transforms an interior into a cohesive space.


  • Pre- or post-fit
  • Any freeform shape possible for any wall or ceiling
  • Circular, triangular, concave and convex panels possible
  • Over 200 textile colors
  • Easy, flexible installation systems
  • Custom Kvadrat textiles can be arranged
  • Easy to update according to aesthetic changes
  • Seamlessly combine with technical service products

Longevity and Warranty

  • 10-year warranty
  • Unaffected by heat and humidity due to patented tensioning mechanism
  • Easy to update to new ideas and colors
  • Stay pristine for years

Kvadrat Soft Cells

Flexible installation

Easily install and reinstall. Kvadrat Acoustic panels offer a choice of versatile installation systems for walls and ceilings. The frames are detachable without having to remove the panel. The installation options are:

Installation Option Suitable For
Magnet Mounting
  • Walls and ceilings
  • No tools required
  • 55 mm from front of panel to installation surface
Steel wire Suspension
  • Suspended ceilings
  • No tools required
  • 110 mm minimum distance front of panel to installation surface
Hinge/push latch
  • For ceilings where access behind the panel is required
  • 55 mm from front of panel to installation surface
End caps
  • Cover gap between wall and panel for seamless look
  • Upholstered with textile or painted in any color
  • 55mm wide, max 6000mm length


Soft Cells Options

Broadline acoustic panels: Typically Class A sound absorption per iso 11654. Incorporates acoustic padding behind a tensioned textile layer.

Well suited to:

  • Spaces with severe to moderate sound reverberation problems and noise
  • Spaces with limited free wall or ceiling surface for acoustic regulation
  • Lowering overall reverberation due to broadband absorption

Lowtone acoustic panels: Excellent acoustic performance in low and mid-range frequencies that incorporate a specially developed glass membrane behind a tensioned textile layer.

Well suited to:

  • Spaces with special acoustic requirements - not just sound absorption
  • Small rooms or spaces with large free surfaces for combining with other types of Soft Cells
  • Low-frequency absorption and high-frequency reflection
  • Environments with constant low-frequency sounds, such as ventilation systems

Reflective acoustic panels: Class E sound absorption (high reflection), as per iso 11654 that incorporates a reflective plate behind a tensioned textile layer

Well suited to:

  • Spaces where speech/sounds need to be directed
  • Environments with advanced acoustic design, which require reflective and absorbent panels with a uniform look


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Kvadrat Acoustics

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Kvadrat Acoustics

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