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Acoustic Panels - Soft Cells Reflective | Kvadrat Acoustics
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Acoustic Panels - Soft Cells Reflective | Kvadrat Acoustics

  • Available in

  • Use

    Wall and ceilings
  • Applications

    Cultural, public, education, hospitality, corporate, music halls and auditoriums
  • Characteristics

    Class-E sound absorption: high sound reflection, choice of textile finishes, patented tensioning mechanism, customizable panels
  • Sizes

    Bespoke: Min. 200 mm / Max. 6000 mm | Panel depth: 49mm
  • Certification

    Contributes to environmental building certification schemes: DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HQE, CE mark, US Fire Class: ASTM E84, Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications on textiles
  • Guarantee

    10-year product warranty

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Kvadrat Acoustics

More about this product

Soft Cells are acoustic panels from Kvadrat Acoustics, primarily used as building components, they are also suitable for post-fitting. Made with recycled aluminum and with a textile finish the acoustic panels are tensioned to withstand humidity and temperature conditions. They can be re-upholstered and their components reused as often as required.

Soft Cells Reflective panels incorporate a reflective plate behind the textile layer. Typically, this model offers Class-E sound absorption (high reflection), as per ISO 11654.


  • Spaces where speech/sound needs projection in a specific direction, eg. close to a speaker in a conference room or in a music hall above the orchestra.
  • Spaces that feature advanced acoustic design with both reflective and absorbing panels in combination with one consistent surface/appearance
  • Combining reflective (hard) acoustic properties with the aesthetic soft and tactile textile surface choices of Soft Cells.

Panel components


  • Aluminum frame
  • Front fabric
  • Reflective plate

Tensioning mechanism

Soft Cells feature a patented mechanism to keep the fabric under constant tension by suspension springs, creating a drum-skin effect. This prevents sagging.

Textiles and colors

Soft Cells are available in a comprehensive selection of textiles, which come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Soft Cells can be specified to perfectly match other textiles in an interior project, as Kvadrat offers premium quality curtains and upholstery textiles too. All fabrics have been tested for sound absorption according to EN ISO 354.

Acoustic Properties

Textile Name NRC
Installed at 55mm
Installed at 200mm
Field 0.25 0.2
Ginger 2 0.2 0.15
Casita 0.2 0.15
Casa 0.2 0.15

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Kvadrat Acoustics

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Kvadrat Acoustics

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