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TiO2-free Mineral Paint - Soldalit®-Arte | KEIM
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TiO2-free Mineral Paint - Soldalit®-Arte | KEIM

  • Use

    Multi-purpose, silicate exterior paint for universal use
  • Applications

    For exterior use and especially for authentic color impression
  • Characteristics

    Extremely long-life and titanium dioxide-free exterior paint for coatings with particular color depth and brilliance. KEIM Soldalit-arte emphasizes the original character and texture of the substrate
  • Colors

    Natural white pigmented with lithopone, raw white (unpigmented) and titanium-free color shades from KEIM's Palette exclusiv and Avantgarde range. Tinting with KEIM Soldalit monochrome shades 9001S - 9012S.

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More about this product

Sol-silicate-based titanium dioxide-free exterior paint for coatings with particular color depth and brilliance. Without titanium dioxide and tinted with absolutely lightfast mineral color pigments only, KEIM Soldalit®-arte emphasizes especially the original character and texture of the substrate.

KEIM Soldalit®-arte dispenses with the unnatural pressure for sterile perfection and accentuates the natural. The interaction of colors and changing light conditions on the facade creates different atmospheres. KEIM Soldalit®-arte stands for depth and power of colors, for the preservation of specific features – a unique atmosphere, an unadulterated colorfulness, and an incomparable, authentic color impression.


The color pigments in titanium dioxide-free paints are not masked by the white pigment. The pigments can develop space and depth in the clear binding agent and display their brilliance and vibrancy which again strongly emphasizes the original texture and materiality of the substrate. Changing light and daytimes provide changing color impressions. When natural paints become wet they appear even darker and stronger.


  • Titanium dioxide-free formulation
  • Accordingly reduced wet hiding power
  • Increased color depth and brightness
  • Emphasizes the texture and other features of the substrate
  • Mineral matt character
  • Non-film-forming
  • Absolutely inorganic, lightfast pigments
  • UV-resistant in all components
  • High weathering resistance
  • Resistant to industrial fumes and acid rain
  • Anti-static
  • Highly water-repellent (despite darkening in color in rain)
  • Extremely vapor permeable
  • Hinders fungal and algal growth thanks to ideal moisture balance
  • Environmentally friendly – neither solvents nor pot preservatives added

Overview of KEIM Soldalit® system products

Products Effect Technology
KEIM Soldalit® Universal use on any façade substrate (old or new) Sol silicate technology
KEIM Soldalit®-Coolit Less tension in the render structure by reducing solar heating Coolit-Technology
KEIM Soldalit®-Arte Particular color depth and aesthetics together with a vibrant surface appearance No titanium dioxide
KEIM Soldalit®-ME Reduces air pollutants, soiling, and growth of microorganisms Photocatalysis

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