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Mermet KOOLBLACK® Solar Shade | Draper
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Mermet KOOLBLACK® Solar Shade | Draper

  • Use

    Solar shading
  • Applications

    Corporate, Retail, Residential and Educational
  • Characteristics

    Manufactured in the USA, enhanced heat reflection, excellent acoustic absorption, improved heat control and energy savings and reduces overall visible light transmittance
  • Guarantee

    5 Year Exterior & 10 Year Interior

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More about this product

Draper's KOOLBLACK® Shades feature Mermet's fabric technology, which combines aesthetics and performance by incorporating near-infrared, heat reflective properties into dark color screen shade fabrics. This feature, coupled with the other benefits of dark-colored fabrics, provides excellent contrast for a clear view, uninformed exterior building design, maximized energy savings and optimized occupant comfort.

Window treatments that facilitate solar control by reducing solar heat gain are an integral solution for sustainable architecture. The daylighting strategy of a green building is made easy with custom shading which can both provide glare control shading and let in natural light.

T Screen Shades with Mermet KOOLBLACK® Technology is a high performing fabric for surface heat reflectance. With this shade product, buildings can be utilized more efficiently by maximizing the area of working space and decreasing energy load.


  • Available with all Draper FlexShade products
  • Woven with KOOLBLACK® Technology infused dark yarns and reflective white yarns for enhanced heat reflection
  • Dark yarns provide unmatched surface heat reflectance for less interior radiated heat and more comfortable working spaces
  • Reduces overall visible light transmittance (Tv) for superior views, glare control and the same daylighting benefits of conventional dark shade fabrics
  • Improved near-infrared reflectance of 64% in comparison to 3% for conventional charcoal/charcoal fabric
  • Excellent acoustic absorption with an NRC of up to 0.45
  • Improved heat control and energy savings

Only E Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology can achieve the full range of screen benefits:

  • Increased IR reflectance = less re-radiated heat = lower cooling costs and enhanced occupant comfort
  • Superior view through and glare control
  • Coordinated exterior building design and aesthetics when incorporated with glazing

Specifications - T Screen

Item Number 1% 009701 | 3% 009703 | 5% 009705
Product Category High Performance
Fabric Style Satin
Openness Factor 1%, 3% & 5%
Composition 36% Fiberglass / 64% Vinyl
UV Blockage Approximately 95% - 99%
Standard Packaging Width Rolls of 30 ly (27 lm)
Width 98” (250 cm), 122” (310 cm)
Weight 1% 13.54 oz/yd2 (459g/m2) ±5%
3% 13.27 oz/yd2 (450 g/m2) ±5%
5% 12.48 oz/yd2 (423 g/m2) ±5%
Thickness 1% 0.024 in (0.61 mm) ±5%
3% 0.029 in (0.74 mm) ±5%
5% 0.027 in (0.69 mm) ±5%

Specifications - E Screen

Item number 1% 007701 | 3% 007703 | 5% 007705
Product category High Performance
Fabric Style Basketweave
Openness Factor 1%, 3% & 5%
Composition 36% Fiberglass / 64% Vinyl
UV Blockage Approximately 95% - 99%
Standard Packaging Width Rolls of 30 ly (27 lm)
Width 98” (250 cm), 122” (310 cm)
Weight 1% 12.95 oz/yd2 (439g/m2) ±5%
3% 11.3 oz/yd2 (382 g/m2) ±5%
5% 10.6 oz/yd2 (358 g/m2) ±5%
Thickness 1% 0.021 in (0.53 mm) ±5%
0.020 in (0.51 mm) ±5%
0.019 in (0.47 mm) ±5%

Colours and Finishes:

KOOLBLACK® shades are available in the following finishes:

  • Colors for E Screen with KOOLBLACK®: Charcoal/Charcoal, Charcoal/Grey-Stone, Charcoal/Grey, Charcoal/Cocoa and Charcoal/Apricot.
  • Colors for T Screen with KOOLBLACK®: White/Grey, White/Cocoa, White/Charcoal, White/Charcoal-Grey, and White/Charcoal-Cocoa.

Draper Roller Shades are manufactured in the USA using primarily USA-woven fabrics from Phifer and Mermet, ensuring a simple and direct supply chain that gives Draper maximum control over fast deliveries and product availability.

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