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Exterior Shading Solutions | Draper
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Exterior Shading Solutions | Draper

  • Use

    Exterior shading system
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial and hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Manufactured in the USA, prevents heat from entering buildings, protects from harsh glare/wind/insects
  • Guarantee

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More about this product

Draper® provides a selection of solar shades and other shading systems for exteriors. The window treatments facilitate solar control, making them an integral solution for sustainable architecture. The daylighting strategy of a green building is made easy with custom shading which can both provide glare control shading and let in natural light.

FlexShade® ZIP

Flexshade Zip

The FlexShade® ZIP exterior shading system by Draper can be used in outdoor covered spaces such as garages and porches. It keeps out harsh glare and provides a more comfortable environment. The zip detail in the shade stops the shade fabric from being pulled out of the side channel. The shade system also protects against wind and insects.

Exterior FlexShade® Roller Shade

Exterior Flexshade

The Exterior FlexShade® is available in three operating mechanisms; motorized, clutch-operated and crank-operated.

  1. The Exterior Motorized FlexShade® is operated using a simple wall switch or remote to lower and raise the window shades. It is ideally applied in commercial and institutional settings and can be quickly and quietly raised or lowered to the desired position to block unwanted sunlight. It also comes in an XL format for larger windows or openings
  2. The Exterior Clutch-Operated FlexShade® creates useful outdoor space by providing outdoor solar control for restaurants, commercial settings or swimming pools and patio areas. The exterior shade prevents most solar heat from entering the building thus allowing for a more comfortable indoor workspace environment.
  3. The Exterior Crank-Operated FlexShade® provides added security by limiting unauthorized persons from operating them. The detachable crank offers precision control for quick and easy adjustments to raise or lower the window shades to the desired height. This exterior shade provides maximum solar heat reduction and creates a comfortable indoor workspace for restaurants and commercial settings.

TopSpin® Tension Shade

Topspin Tension Shade

The TopSpin® shading system for interior or exterior use is made up of a series of retractable fabric panels with no visible cables. When used as a sunshade, TopSpin® allows views to the exterior while providing controlled daylighting to ensure a more comfortable environment. This lightweight product features spring roller support every 3' to 5' (91 to 152 cm), which is installed with brackets that offset the product from the mounting structure.

Venetian Blinds by Warema

Venetial Blinds by Warema

Draper Venetian Blinds by Warema create just the right amount of daylight by preventing glare thanks to the system’s ability to retract, extend, or tilt the slats. Exterior and dual facade applications provide effective solar control and thermal comfort with optimal daylighting. They can be used for new buildings or renovations, and are appropriate for commercial, institutional, retail, and residential applications.

Custom Solar Control

Sometimes the only good solution is a custom one. Draper develops high-performance, custom-designed systems that utilize exterior shading to maximize efficiency and occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption. Each custom solution Draper provides has specific benefits and features to enhance overall building design and daylighting needs. Draper offers an array of customization possibilities, from modifying current products to designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind, one-off solutions for a wide range of challenging solar control requirements.

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