Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam - Hudson Valley Home, USA | Cymat Technologies Ltd.
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Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam - Hudson Valley Home, USA | Cymat Technologies Ltd.

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  • Use

    Interior and exterior cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Cellular cast aluminum foam, sound absorbing properties, strong yet lightweight panels, versatile material, may contain up to 100% recycled content, corrosion resistant
  • Format

    Standard size panels 1.22 m ×2.44 m (4’ x 8’)
  • Sizes

    Thicknesses available: 12.7 mm (1/2”), 25.4 mm (1”) & 43.2 mm (1.7”)

More about this product

Manhattan gallery owner Sean Kelly’s home is a 16-acre plot north of New York City, with a spectacular view of the Hudson Valley, designed by Toshiko Mori Architect. This modern home includes Alusion™ Architectural Stabilized Aluminium Foam as the façade solution.

Cymat’s Aluminum Foam, marketed under the trade name of Alusion™ for architecture, is an extraordinary and versatile material with virtually limitless design and architectural applications. Along with its unique appearance, it has sound absorbing properties making it ideal for applications requiring both sound absorption and beauty. It is used for facades, wall cladding, showroom displays, ceiling tiles, restaurants and bars, offices and apartment buildings, flooring, signs, lighting, fixtures exhibits etc.

Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam Properties

  • 100% recyclable, and contains up to 100% recycled content
  • Acoustic Absorption Properties
  • Non Combustible with a flame spread of zero
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • The strength, durability, and resilience of aluminum
  • Wondload testing (164 mile per hour)

Alusion™ foam creates strong yet lightweight panels. Similar in appearance to a metallic sponge, Alusion™ is visually striking, with a modern dramatic look. For architecture, it is produced in 12.7 mm (1/2”), 25.4 mm (1”) and 43.2 mm (1.7”) thicknesses and three densities (Large Cell, Mid and Small Cell). The surface of the material is either left in its solid form, as produced, or undergoes surface preparations that provide many different appearances from a solid surface “shimmering” look to a translucent “water froth” look.

Alusion™ Large Cell – Open One Side – Façade:
With this version of Alusion™, the shiny silver skin of this large cell material is open only on the front side of the panel, and left natural on the back side (closed skin), and the cells on the back side of the panel are left natural (not exposed). This creates a surface that has been described as appearing like an “aluminum sponge”. This is a low density material resulting in large, deep cells, which are non translucent on one side, and closed cells on the back side of the panel.

Alusion™ Architectural Stabilized Aluminium Foam is a unique and visually stunning surface material which is more than skin deep. It provides beauty, strength and lightweight acoustic solutions for a variety of creative opportunities. The various versions of Alusion™ can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications. Alusion™ is produced by injecting air into molten aluminium, which contains a fine dispersion of ceramic particles. These particles stabilize the bubbles formed by the air.

Alusion™ for Architecture & Design:
Please contact through email or by phone
Direct Tel. for Alusion (Canada): +1-905-696-2442

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