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Continuous Louver System - Linius | RENSON
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Continuous Louver System - Linius | RENSON

  • Use

    Outdoor or indoor cladding
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality, offices, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Uniform design of the facade; it can be fitted with acoustic blades, vermin bird or insect screens
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More about this product

Linius system can be used to finish façades or façade components into a sleek whole with a pronounced horizontal accent. Gates and doors can also be covered with this system. This way, you get a uniform design with the rest of the façade. The continuous bladed wall system consists of individual aluminum profiles that are available in different versions. Depending on the application, you can choose between fully closed or ventilated systems.

The continuous louver system consists of a support structure to which blades are fitted. The support structure carries the complete louver assembly and is formed by vertically or horizontally placed mullions fixed by brackets at set distances. Depending on the structure, RENSON offers different mullion types. Blade supports are permanently fixed to the mullions allowing the blades to be clip-locked onto their supports. The method of construction is simple and well tested. Mitered corners, doors, vermin, bird, or insect screens can all be incorporated. Depending on the application, different constructions are possible.


  • Screening
    An application ideal for concealing unsightly equipment from view
  • Ventilation
    An assembly that allows the airflow in and out of a building whilst restricting the entry of rain
  • Screening against weather
    The continuous louvers system protects your installation from wind, rain, and vermin
  • Acoustics
    Fitted with acoustic blades, the system is ideal for the screening of noisy building machinery. The structure of the louvers system together with the noise-damping qualities ensures that noise is strongly damped while keeping good ventilation
  • Aesthetic cladding
  • Applications in which the blade profile design is preferred to other applications
  • Interior
  • Interior cladding, possibly incorporating backlighting

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