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Pizzikotto / Andrea Langhi Design

© Daniele Domenicali © Daniele Domenicali © Daniele Domenicali © Daniele Domenicali

CCCloud / Kengo Kuma

Courtesy of Kengo Kuma
Courtesy of Kengo Kuma

In May we presented Kengo Kuma’s CCCWall Installation in anticipation for the now completed CCCloud monument. CCCloud, or Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud, Kengo Kuma’s first built work of architecture in Italy was completed September 2010. The monument, located in the middle of a roundabout in front of Casalgrande Padana‘s Headquarters, is the collaborative result of Kengo Kuma’s team, the University represented by Alfonso Acocella and Luigi Alini, and the authorities of Casalgrande Padana. The monument is remarkably made out of unglazed ceramic tiles that have been adapted for structural use that are produced by the client, Casalgrande Padana. Read on for more information and images after the break.