Digital City / CHSarquitectos

Courtesy of

Architects: CHSarquitectos
Location: Almería, Almería,
Architect In Charge: Rafael Casado Martínez, Antonio Julio Herrero Elordi, Juan Suárez Ávila
Area: 2000.0 sqm
Year: 2005
Photographs: Courtesy of CHSarquitectos, Fernando Alda

AP House / MVN Arquitectos

Courtesy of MVN Arquitectos

Architects: MVN Arquitectos
Location: Calle Macenas, 04007 ,
Architect In Charge: Diego Varela de Ugarte, Emilio Medina García
Area: 408.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of MVN Arquitectos

Libeskind Designs “Polycentric Spiral” for Cosentino Group

Beyond the Wall / Daniel Libeskind for Cosentino Group

Daniel Libeskind has unveiled a permanent sculpture at the Cosentino Group world headquarters in Almeria: “Beyond the Wall.” Inspired by the “infinite possibilities of the spiral,” the is intended to exhibit how the company’s ultra-compact, innovative surfacing material, ® can be used to clad contemporary facades.

“This is not a traditional spiral with a unique center and axis, but a contemporary spiral that opens multiple paths in many different directions,” describes Cosentino in a press release. “In short, a polycentric spiral energy is projected to a dramatic peak.”

Consultorio Medico en la Envia / Castillo Miras Arquitectos + Miguel Barahona

© Fernando Alda

Architects: Miguel Barahona, Castillo Miras Arquitectos
Location: , Spain
Architect In Charge: Luis Castillo, Miguel Barahona
Director: Luis Castillo
Structure: Satec Ingenieros s.l.
Services Engineer: Estingal
Developers: Ayuntamiento de Vícar, Consejería de Salud, Junta de Andalucía.
Contractor: JarquilAndalucia S.A
Area: 295.0 sqm
Year: 2006
Photographs: Fernando Alda

Museum Almería / Juan Alberto Morillas Martín + Francisco Salvador Granados + José María García Ramírez

© Jesús Granada

Architects: + + José María García Ramírez
Location: Almería, Spain
Arquitecto A Cargo: José María García Ramírez, Francisco Salvador Granados, Juan Alberto Morillas Martín
Area: 137,337 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Jesús Granada

Tecnova Headquarters / Ferrer Arquitectos

© David Frutos

Architects: Ferrer Arquitectos
Architect in Charge: José Angel Ferrer
Location: Avda. de la Innovación, Parque Científico Tecnológico de ,
Area: 15,028.58 sqm
Photographs: David Frutos

“Los Almendros” Social Center / Ferrer Arquitectos

© David Frutos

Architects: Ferrer Arquitectos
Location: Av. de la Sierra de Tabernas, , Spain
Design Team: José Ángel Ferrer
Architectural Technologist: Manuel Alonso
Internal Collaborators: Antonio García, Antonio Palenzuela, Fernando Mateos, Miguel García Haro
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: David Frutos

Air-Raid Shelters of Almería / Ferrer Arquitectos

© Jesús Granada

Architects: Ferrer Arquitectos
Location: Plaza de Manuel Pérez García, ,
Design Team: José Ángel Ferrer
Architectural Technologist: Manuel Alonso
Internal Collaborators: José Antonio Cuerva, Miguel G. Haro and Fernando Mateos
Photographs: Jesús Granada

North Mediterranean Health Center / Ferrer Arquitectos

© David Frutos

Architects: Ferrer Arquitectos
Location: Av del Mediterráneo, ,
Architect In Charge: José Ángel Ferrer
Design Team: Javier de Simón, Antonio Palenzuela, Manuel Alonso
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: David Frutos

Caparrós and Reina Pharmacy / Mobil M

Courtesy of Mobil M

Architects: Mobil M
Location: ,
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Mobil M

Vélez-Rubio Health Center / LosdelDesierto

© David Frutos

Architects: LosdelDesierto – Eva Luque + Alejandro Pascual [ Ingenieros Slp]
Location: Almeria,
Project area: 1,918 sqm
Project year: 2004 – 2009
Photographs: Jesús Granada, David Frutos, LosdelDesierto

Office and Service Building / Donaire Arquitectos

© Fernanado Alda

Architects: Donaire Arquitectos / Juan Pedro Donaire Barbero
Location: Almería,
Client: E.P.P.A. y Consejería de Obras Públicas de la Junta de Andalucía
Collaboration: Ignacio Núñez Bootello, Carmela Domínguez Asencio, Tibisay Cañas Fuentes, Beatriz Hacar Hernández, Juan Vega Espinar, Delia Pacheco Donaire, Jesús Núñez Bootello
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 504 sqm
Photographs: Fernanado Alda, Enrique Bejines M

Kindergarten 8Units Velez-Rubio / LosdelDesierto

© Jesús Granada

The aim of this project was to help the development of psychomotor, mental, and social abilities. At an early age and instinctively, children identify the pitched roof with the house, hence their drawings: the roof, the box and, last, the doors and windows. A nursery is but a “big – house” in which they spend most of their time. This idea, interpreted of course, is the origin of this proposal. The big structural slab (roof) is folded in space. This allows us to double the height of the floor so as to adapt the skyline to the next buildings as well as to amplify the interior space and the natural light. This cover wraps all the rooms in the nursery and houses most of the facilities (plumbing, telecommunication and lighting). Below this heaven-tent, the program develops into eight classrooms assigned to three groups of children, divided according to age. There is also a polyvalent dining-room, a kitchen, and administration offices distributed around a patio where children play. The different classrooms are connected to open-air spaces, which permit a permanent inside-outside relationship.

Architect: LosdelDesierto = Eva Luque + Alejandro Pascual. [Elap Architects Slp]
Location: Calle Los Angeles S/N, , Almeria, Spain
Structural Engineer: Alejandro Pascual Soler
Mechanical System Engineer: Secoal SI
Contractor: Ajumi Sa
Project Area: 874.10 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Jesús Granada, David Frutos,

Single House In Almería / vora arquitectura

© Adrià Goula Sardà

Architects: vora arquitectura (Pere Buil Castells)
Location: Alquián, ,
Cost: 120,000 euros
Project area: 150 sqm
Project year: 2003 – 2006
Photographs: Adrià Goula Sardà