Radiant / Z Architecture

© Jonathan Letoublon

Architects: Z Architecture
Location: , France
Area: 2185.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Jonathan Letoublon

Riga 2014 Pavilion / Mailitis A.I.I.M.

Courtesy of Austris Mailitis

Architects: Mailitis A.I.I.M.
Location: Esplanāde, Centra rajons, Rīga, Latvia
Architect In Charge: Austris Mailitis
Design Team: Jānis Ielejs, Simone Riccomi, AndraOdumāne /
Area: 458.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Austris Mailitis

Curtin University Masterplan First to Receive 5 Green Star-Communities Rating in Australia

Courtesy of Curtin University

The Curtin University has become the first project to receive a 5 Star Green Star-Communities Rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Helmed by AECOM and Donaldson and Warn architects, the plan sets forth a strategy for the renewal of the University’s main campus in , Perth, aiming to create a “vibrant urban community” that combines commercial, retail, residential, educational, and transport infrastructure. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the project, which seeks to be adaptable to, and respectful of, its site and heritage. 

The 5-star rating honours Australian Excellence in “innovation, design excellence, environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and liveability”. Learn more about the project and view selected images after the break.

Príncipe Real Apartment / fala atelier

© Fernando Guerra |

Architects: fala atelier
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Design Team: Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares
Area: 60.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

4 Building Images Shortlisted for Sony 2015 World Photography Award

Architecture, Open, Australia © Gina Alderson-Hicks via 2015 Sony World Photography . Image Courtesy of WPO

The World Photography Organization has revealed 35 images that are being considered to be the “world’s best contemporary photograph.” Of the shortlisted selection, beauty found within our built world takes center stage in four of the images. All entries were submitted freely by professionals and amateurs alike. See all four stunning images, after the break.

Cube Houses / Aleph Zero + Studio Juliano Monteiro

© Felipe Gomes

Architects: Aleph Zero, Studio Juliano Monteiro
Location: – State of Paraná,
Architect In Charge: Gustavo Utrabo, Pedro Duschenes, Juliano Monteiro
Area: 1678.0 sqm
Photographs: Felipe Gomes

See BIG & Heatherwick’s Design for Google’s California Headquarters

© Google / BIG /

Images have been unveiled of BIG and Heatherwick Studio’s design for Google’s Mountain View headquarters. The plan, submitted to city council today, proposes to redevelop and expand the company’s home office with a series of lightweight canopy-like structures organized within a flexible landscape of bicycle paths and commercial opportunities for local companies. 

“It’s the first time we’ll design and build offices from scratch and we hope these plans by Bjarke Ingels at BIG and Thomas Heatherwick at Heatherwick Studio will lead to a better way of working,” says Google. “The idea is simple. Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily as we invest in new product areas… Large translucent canopies will cover each site, controlling the climate inside yet letting in light and air. With trees, landscaping, cafes, and bike paths weaving through these structures, we aim to blur the distinction between our buildings and nature.”

A video about the design and a statement from Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick, after the break. 

Winona House / 25:8 Research + Design

© Lorne Shawn Blythe

Architects: 25:8 Research + Design
Location: Ottawa, ON,
Project Lead: Jay S. Lim, OAA, AIA, LEED AP
Area: 1400.0 ft2
Year: 2014
Photographs: Lorne Shawn Blythe

10 Facts about AJ’s Woman Architect of the Year 2015: Teresa Borsuk

The Granary. Image © Pollard Thomas Edwards

The Architects’ Journal as named of Pollard Thomas Edward “Woman Architect of the Year 2015.” The prestigious title, awarded last year to Mecanoo’s Francine Houben, is being presented to Borsuk for her “remarkable” ability to improve equality within her practice.

Borsuk was chosen over an impressive shortlist of women architects. Find out 10 facts about Borsuk and see why the jury consider her to be an ideal role model for future generations, after the break.

Reggio Pre-school and Religious Center / Scalar Architecture

© Miguel de Guzman / Imagen Subliminal

Architects: Scalar Architecture
Location: , NY, USA
Architect In Charge: Julio Salcedo
Area: 5500.0 ft2
Year: 2015
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman / Imagen Subliminal

Frank Lloyd Wright and Fay Jones on the Web: The Value of Online Exhibitions

Alexander Residence (Raheen) Swimming Pool. Image © Fay Jones Collection, Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to visit the University of Arkansas “Fay Jones and : Organic Architecture Comes to Arkansas” – without purchasing a ticket or leaving my apartment. This extensive exhibition on the life and development of these two notable architects was made possible through a collaboration between University of Arkansas Libraries’ Special Collections and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Library and Archives. Exhibitions such as this are part of a broader movement in recent years towards making archived content more easily accessible to the public through web platforms. The concept of the online exhibition, however, is still in its infancy and there remains significant room for innovation.

UNAB Viña del Mar / S3 Schmidt Arquitectos

© Aryeh Kornfeld

Architects: S3 Schmidt Arquitectos
Location: Viña del Mar, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso Region,
Project Architects: Nicolas Norero
Collaborators: Karen Pradenas, Lina Rojas, Cristián Maze, Constanza Larach, Paloma Sanchez
Associated Architects: Horacio Schmidt Cortes, Horacio Schmidt Radic, Martin Schmidt Radic
Project Area: 43000.0 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Aryeh Kornfeld

The monumental axis central to Costa's plan. Image © Limongi
The monumental axis central to Costa's plan. Image © Limongi

Spotlight: Lúcio Costa

Brazilian planner, preservationist and modernist thinker Lucio Costa  (27 Feburary 1902 – 13 June 1998) is best known for his 1957 plan of Brasília that shaped the Brazilian capital into a monument to utopian modernism. A resolute and often controversial figure in the Brazilian establishment, Costa’s contributions to Brazilian architecture helped to shape the distinctive modernism that was practically Brazil’s official style until the 1980s.

David Chipperfield to Receive the Netherlands’ Sikkens Prize

Neues Museum / Architects in collaboration with Julian Harrap. Image © Ute Zscharnt for Architects

British architect David Chipperfield has been selected to receive the 2015 Sikkens Prize, one of the oldest independent art prizes in the Netherlands. The prize’s 36th recipient, Chipperfield is being recognized for his “revolutionary use of color,” much like his predecessors; Gerrit Rietveld, Le Corbusier, Donald Judd, HEMA and Bridget Riley have all received the .

According to the jury, “Chipperfield’s work on the Neues Museum in Berlin is a magnificent example of his way of working. Like no other he knows how to combine the old with the new. In his spatial compositions he achieves a delicate balance between color, material end texture. Chipperfield uses the colors provided by the architectural context and the building materials in an unemphatic yet expressive way.”

Urban Villa London / Grzywinski+Pons

© Nicholas Worley

Architects: Grzywinski+Pons
Location: Brentford, Greater ,
Area: 6320.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Nicholas Worley

Ten Buildings Which Epitomize The Triumph Of Postmodernism

Via Archive of Affinities. Image © Nils-Ole Lund

Being such a recent movement in the international architectural discourse, the reach and significance of post- can sometimes go unnoticed. In this selection, chosen by Adam Nathaniel Furman, the “incredibly rich, extensive and complex ecosystem of projects that have grown out of the initial explosion of from the 1960s to the early 1990s” are placed side by side for our delight.

From mosques that imagine an idyllic past, via Walt Disney’s Aladdin from the 1990s, to a theatre in Moscow that turns its façade into a constructivist collage of classical scenes, “there are categories in post-modernism to be discovered, and tactics to be learned.” These projects trace forms of complex stylistic figuration, from the high years of academic postmodernism, to the more popular of its forms that spread like wildfire in the latter part of the 20th century.

Paz & Comedias House / Ramon Esteve

Courtesy of Ramón Esteve

Architects: Ramon Esteve
Location: 46500 , Valencia, España
Area: 886.0 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Ramón Esteve, Jonathan Segade, Christoph Kicherer para Bul- thaup

Pala Living Room / Nuno Melo Sousa

© José Campos

Architects: Nuno Melo Sousa
Location: Pala, 4630,
Area: 36.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: José Campos