Barcelona Biomedical Research Park / Manel Brullet & Albert de Pineda

Architects: Manel Brullet & Albert de Pineda
Location: Barcelona,
Project year: 2006
Client: Grup Agrupació Mutua, Ajuntament de Barcelona y el Consorci (Zona Franca de Barcelona)
Structural Engineer: Manuel Arguijo, Arq.
Budget: $42,35M Euro (US $54M)
Constructed Area: 55,000 sqm

PRBB building has a total surface of more than 55.000 m2 and is located at a 9000 m2 site at Barcelona’s seafront by the Barceloneta beach, between Hospital del Mar and Arts hotel in the Olympic Village. It is a 117×74 meters building of 9 floors above and 3 floors under ground with elliptical shape and a high level of functional polyvalence. The building project has been carried out by a team of two prestigious architects: Manel Brullet and Albert de Pineda, to create a building that adopts the specific objectives of PRBB.

For the internal arrangement, the space needs and scientific synergy opportunities have been taken into account. For example, GRIB (IMIM-UPF) and CEGEN (UPF-CRG) have their own space although by different institutions. Furthermore, the building is equipped with a computing infrastructure and advanced information technology facilities, has common and relational spaces, a modern auditorium and one of the most advanced animal facility from a technological viewpoint.

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Cite: "Barcelona Biomedical Research Park / Manel Brullet & Albert de Pineda" 09 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
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  • Ryan

    Love your blog, especially the quality and quantity of the documentation for the majority of the projects. Just one recommendation: could you please incorporate an image viewer into your posts? It becomes a real annoyance having to click on each image and have it open up in a new window. I recommend lightbox -

  • Contemporary Art

    This looks like a giant post-apocalyptic colosseum that’s been converted into office space. Looks like an awesome place to work! I love the pond.

  • cfboyd

    that is a FANTASTIC building

    does anyone know for certain what the cladding is?

  • freq

    it’s wood, if I don’t remember it wrong.. was there in october. one thing about the building is that unfortunately, the ground floor is walled off, suffering from the same problem as many “piloti”‘d structures have in the past. one of the inviting stairs reaching the courtyard has been blocked with wire fence & razor wire- but still, I really like the presence of this building.

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  • Ceno

    Marvelous fascade!!

  • trimtab21

    looks good now – but what happens in a few years when all that wood begins to decay from being exposed to the elements? And talk about fire hazards – if that wood skeleton catches fire its going to make one hell of a bonfire!

    • Nobody

      I’m quite sure the architects have foreseen that, and there are also some things called building codes. There are many life-time lasting treatments, and there are fire-prevention treatments too.

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  • ulf

    the outside of the building is very interesting, but working there ( what i do ) is not nice at all. The building is “ill”, with a lot of edges difficult to clean, it does nothing to reduce noise between different areas ( since is a scientific center, there are a lot of animal-farms and server-rooms ), it does not invite to be ecologic ( no bike parking, stairs are hidden ) and there are too many offices without windows. To list some design errors.

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