ArchDaily Architect’s Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Our picks for this holiday

We, the architects, are a special breed. We have very particular tastes, dress in very particular ways and we even invented our own language. For us, a pen can be even more meaningful than our computers, and you might find yourself looking all around town for that perfect standard notebook that you have used for ages. So we decided to compile this special gift guide with things that we use, we like, and that we would love to find below our tree.

Hope you like it! Feel free to share your gift ideas for architects on the comments below.

What: LEGO Architecture

Why: LEGO blocks are one of the most versatile pieces of design, usually bringing the architect we have inside (someone even built an actual house with them). Their architecture series designed by Adam Reed Tucker brings us classic buildings in a desk friendly size. I personally own the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Center and the Empire Building (hint for the ArchDaily team: I’m missing the Seattle Needle). You can also find larger versions of other classics, including two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces: the Guggenheim Museum and the Fallingwater House.


What: Tectus

Why: This cube is divided several times in adherence to the golden ratio and surrounded by black shapes. During play, these become foundations, walls or roofs and a player the architect. Everything fits into each other harmoniously.


What: Ipad

Why: One of the most innovative portable devices, allows you to interact with a robust software platform by just using your fingers. This intuitive interface is perfect for creative minds like ours. Sketches, meetings with clients, presentations, your favorite books, CAD files preview and review on the go, document editing, and almost endless possibilities make this a great tool for architects. I highly recommend going for the 3G version that will give you Internet access almost anywhere.


What: Penultimate iPad App

Why: Perfect companion for an architect’s iPad. This app is perfect for sketching, and lets you organize your drawings to keep the ideas flowing in order. You can easily share your sketches in PDF.


What: Doodletown Calendar

Why: No gadget can beat a sheet of paper. Go through your year doodling over a sub urban landscape. By Linosso.


What: Sony Cybershot TX7

Why: I love this camera because of many things. Compact, lightweight, SD storage, HD video recording, great quality lens. But definitely my favorite features are HDR, which allows you to shoot photos in high contrast situations without losing detail, and iSweep, which allows you to easily capture panoramic views of large buildings, urban spaces or work sites.


What: Red Bird Ink “Beer” Coasters

Why: Architects love simplicity. The perfect coaster for a cold one after a hard day of work at the studio. These letter-pressed coasters are thick enough to keep your drawings dry.


What: Eames House of Cards

Why: Pulling from their pattern and picture decks of 1952, Charles and Ray Eames selected 32 images to create their House of Cards. The cards celebrate what the Eameses saw as familiar and nostalgic objects from the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms. Included in the images are many vibrant patterns and fabrics from several cultures. Six slots on each card interlock for building a house of cards.

Where: Shop at Design Within Reach

What: Manifold Clock

Why: A wall mounted clock with a manifold that connects the two hands to create a 3D movement. At any given moment the manifold is located in a different position and different parts are seen. As the hour can be understood according to the traditional location of hands, a new reading of time is created.

Where: Shop at Studio VE

What: The gift of design

Why: Architecture for Humanity brings architecture for communities in need, improving the quality of life through design. You can support AFH by giving the gift of design, and dedicating a donation to a friend this holiday.

Where: Donate at Architecture for Humanity

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  • Yellow

    The best gifts for architects are sleep and vacation!!!!

    • Zoheir

      ha ha ! true !!!

  • Holcim Awards

    The best gift would be a commission! Or to win a competition…like the Holcim Awards:

  • up_today_arch

    Or… minimum free Sunday morning:)…

  • Josue

    Yes the best gift is a free day !